Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's Officially Safe to Criticize Obama

I can't believe I missed this, but I'm so glad to hear it. I no longer have to live in fear:

There's a lot of buzz on Capitol Hill about a new health care memo, by strategist/communicator Frank Luntz, which is filled with advice for opponents of the Democrats' reform legislation. The memo analyzes the public's concerns that national health care will result in lower quality care at higher cost, with an out-of-control deficit to boot, and Luntz recommends language to help critics make the case against the legislation more effectively. For example, he suggests opponents would be better off avoiding the phrase public option; calling it the government option is better.

The new memo updates a similar analysis Luntz wrote last May. Some of the advice is familiar. But one striking difference between the two documents is in the treatment of Barack Obama. Last May, Luntz advised politicians to stay away -- far away -- from criticizing the president. "Your political opponents are the Democrats in Congress and the bureaucrats in Washington, not President Obama," Luntz wrote. "Every time we test language that criticized the president by name, the response was negative -- even among Republicans." He continued: "If you make this debate about Republicans vs. Obama, you lose. But if you make it about Americans vs. politicians, you win." Therefore, the advice was to go after Washington bureaucrats and government health care, but never Obama.

That was then. Now, things are different. "In the spring, we counseled strongly that you should avoid direct confrontation with President Obama," Luntz writes in the new memo. "That has changed." The "thrill is gone" from Obama's relationship with the American people, Luntz writes, and it's now OK to go after the president's proposals with the president's name attached. "There is no change in support for the plan if it is called 'Barack Obama's plan' instead of the plan of 'Democrats in Congress,'" Luntz says. "So long as the attack is grounded in policy and NOT personage, you can talk about opposing 'President Obama's plan.'"

That said, Luntz still doesn't advise doing it. "While you no longer shoot yourself in the foot by criticizing the president, you would do much better to criticize Congress -- which has disapproval ratings that will clearly sink some re-election hopes," Luntz writes. While many Republicans insist on calling health care reform "Obamacare," Luntz says they would do better by attacking "Washington."

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Health Care Reform, or Health Care Control?

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Right Klik! How you been? This is excellent news. It's open season on oBOWma, and turkeys, (one in the same). Thanks for posting this. Also, for your great tweets. It's encouraging to learn that Angelina Jolie hates obama and thinks he's a socialist in disguise. At least some smart people in Hollywood are calling him what he is! Have a Happy Thanksgiving. This and the ClimateGate were gifts to America.

Anonymous said...

Gee, I feel so ahead-of-the-curve.

My Thoughts said...

Great blog, but a little off topic please. I's like to say a few words about Senator Mary Landrieu the Prostitute!!

The media denigrates Sarah Palin AND her teenage daughters and that's okay with the Dems, but say something that is true about a senator who sold herself and her state for money is not okay> Give me a break! I'm with Rush and Beck and Hannity and the rest of us who know the Congress is a confederacy of pimps and prostitutes.
Isn't it funny how they can call Sarah Palin every name in the book, but when it comes to this political whore she's all of a sudden the blessed virgin. Mary Landrieu, Frank, Dodd, Pelosi, ad infinitum they're all whores! The three hundred million promised is the taxpayers money. They are bribing the woman with the taxpayers money. She is even too stupid to keep her mouth shut, she had to announce her price tag and be proud of it.
What a despicable piece of trash.

WomanHonorThyself said...

BLESSED THANKSGIVING MY FRIEND!!..I am tryin not to think of all the madness for the next few days!..hugs!

conservative generation said...

It sure did take them long enough to approve all my blog posts. I thought I'd be a renegade forever. Glad to see that you have also been absolved.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you RK and to you all.

Keep safe

RightKlik said...

AB: Great Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

NG: We're pioneers here in the right wing blogosphere.

MT: Landrieu is a grave disappointment.

WHT: Good to put the politics on hold for a while.

CG: Absolved? Maybe. But still fishy.

DD2: Thank you.