Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Democrats' Health Care MVP: Joseph Cao (R)

In a victory for the enemies of liberty, ObamaCare cleared another hurdle on Saturday night. HR 3962, a.k.a. PelosiCare, passed by a vote of 220-215 with the help of one Republican, Joseph Cao.

Ironically, right after Cao was elected, the House GOP boasted of his upset win as a sign of the GOP's comeback, and that he presented a path to future victories. House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) declared: "The Future Is Cao."

Thanks Cao!

This is the problem with the Republicans' insistence on promoting and electing "moderate Republican" RINOs. The RINOs betray conservatives in the worst possible way, giving Democrats unearned legitimacy and the opportunity to claim bipartisanship where no real bipartisanship exists.

What has the GOP gotten for its investment in Cao?

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Keeping The House Health Care Vote in Perspective
With an 80 vote majority, the Democrats could only manage to pass this disastrous bill by 5 measly votes, 220-115.

What GOP Turncoat Joseph Cao got from Obama
Yes, he’s the one who took over corruptocrat Democrat William "Cold Cash" Jefferson’s seat.

Joseph Cao of Louisiana, The Lone Republican

Given his family's history, Joseph Cao should know better!

American Power serves up the best of the post-Cao punditry.

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Mrsupole said...

Does Cao mean Coward in some other language. It should if it doesn't. But then with him coming from LA explains his vote anyway. Corruption is so great in that state. Maybe Cao means Corrupt in another language too.

Time will now be devoted to purge the coward and the corrupt RHINO.

God bless.

DaBlade said...

What a train wreck. Cao needs to buy another consonant, and it sure ain't the letter "R".

RightKlik said...

Mrsupole: Purge the saboteurs!

DaBlade: Cao just made thousands of enemies.

The Watcher said...

Looks as if Joey there couldn't fit the 'INO' on his application for a government job, eh?

RightKlik said...

You can see in the picture how lost he looks. Someone needs to help him find the DNC headquarters.