Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hoffman Doubles Down, Says Election Stolen

It ain't over?

Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman on Wednesday accused ACORN and union interests of stealing the upstate New York special election that he conceded on Nov. 3.

Hoffman on Monday "unconceded" after recanvassing of votes across the district showed Democratic Rep. Bill Owens' margin of victory narrowing. Hoffman originally conceded after trailing Owens by 5,335 votes, but further counts showed him trailing by 3,176 votes. A recent count of absentee ballots in three counties showed Hoffman still trailing by 2,951.

...Hoffman touts a new lead in Jefferson County where Owens had won on Election Night. Hoffman, however, still trails in other counties. Hoffman would need to overcome a 3,176 deficit out of the 7,419 absentee ballots returned, a highly unlikely feat. In the letter, Hoffman says the outcome would be decided by the 10,200 absentee ballots distributed. Not all of them, however, were returned.

In other words, Hoffman will need to take 71% of the remaining votes in order to win. Combined, Owens and Scozzafava could only get 29%.

The probability of a Hoffman victory is vanishingly small.

UPDATE: Virus Found in Vote-Machine Software


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DaBlade said...

Hoffman advanced the conservative flag further than anyone thought he could in a very liberal district.

Always On Watch said...

Obama bows to Burger King

Good one!

Linda said...

We shouldn't concede anything until the final vote is counted! Go, Hoffman!

Anonymous said...

Hoffman came with carpet bag in hand, the truth is he should have got no more then 20% of the vote. I think this is huge and a win either way. This really shows the power of Sarah. Once she gave an endorsement The people followed!
The public trusts her and so do I.

WomanHonorThyself said...

great piece my friend!:)..acorn..UH HUH!!

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: NY-23 is probably more conservative than most districts in NY. If Obama can win in a 40% conservative/20% liberal nation, Hoffman could have won in NY23 if the GOP hadn't sabotaged him.

AOW: Great cartoon.

Linda: good point.

Anon: The fact that Hoffman was recently gerrymandered out of his district probably has very little to do with the outcome of that election. His own party (the GOP) spent a million dollars to defeat him...a million dollars to support a candidate that went on to endorse the Democrat.

WHT: Thank you