Sunday, November 22, 2009

Unpopular, Unconstitutional & Illegitimate

Thomas Jefferson: "The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government..."

Our government only has legitimacy to the extent that it submits to the will of the people...and to the extent that it protects the minority from oppression the by the majority by defending the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

The Democrats' health care legislation is an affront to our Constitution. The "individual mandate" included in the Democrats' bill forces Americans to purchase government-approved health insurance policies as a condition of lawful residence in the United States. There is no precedent for this requirement, and there is no provision within the Constitution that gives Congress the authority to impose this kind of mandate.

If we allow Congress to impose the individual mandate, to micromanage the health care industry and to imprison those who refuse to comply with the Democrats' schemes, there will no longer be any limit to what the Federal Government can force us to do.

Not surprisingly, the oppressive health care takeover agenda is almost as unpopular as it is unconstitutional. In one of the most recent polls, voters indicated a growing margin disapproval of the health care overhaul passed by the House of Representatives (51% disapprove, 35% approve).

Question: If a piece of legislation is unconstitutional and unpopular, on what basis is it legitimate?

Follow up question: If a piece of legislation is illegitimate, why should we comply with it?

Rasmussen: Support for ObamaCare support plunges to a new low (38% support, 56% oppose).

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Teresa said...

Your right. Not one person should comply with this unconstitutional health care bill. The government is working against its citizens and therefore is no longer legitimate IMHO. Later, I will be linking my post to yours.

Dave B said...

Teresa: Damn! I was just going to launch a business based upon the premise that ALL male citizes will be REQUIRED to purchase sex dolls or go to jail. Of course they will have to be politically correct sex dolls, different sizes, shapes, colors, and genders... but it's for your own good. They'll be environmentally friendly, and will prevent the spread of STD's, abortions, and rapes. It makes about as much sense as what the Congress is doing to us right now.

Anonymous said...

Careful, Klik. You're thinking back to the days when pols actually paid attention to the public.

A few hangings ought to get their attention.

conservative generation said...

My personal favorite is how the media is saying that the bill extends coverage to all. Wrong! It mandates everyone get insurance. I don't know how in the world one can make the argument that this is the intention of the constitution.

WomanHonorThyself said...

If a piece of legislation is illegitimate, why should we comply with it?

I wish we could answer that one my friend!!

nacilbupera said...

We have been a law-abiding citizen our entire life but for the first time are seriously contemplating civil disobedience to an unconstitutional health-scare bill.

Although we may not be forced to perform an abortion against our moral values as some in the medical profession may face, we are wondering if we have the courage to cancel our health insurance and go to jail for so doing as a means of protest and civil disobedience should the Obama-scare bill pass.

We wonder what would happen to our country if only 10,000 law abiding citizens were to do likewise? What will it take to break the stranglehold of the political power perpetuation? If Ghandi broke the powerful in India through civil disobedience and Moses did the impossible by crossing the Red Sea with the help from God, then surely armed with both and truth on our side, we can overcome.

The Conservative Biker said...

They can put me in jail if they want, I'll not obey any mandate. It'll cost them $38,000 a year to house and feed me in jail plus provide my medical care.
And the way things are going that might be the best way to insure I have a roof over my head, 3 hots and a

DaBlade said...

I was going to ask a follow up to your follow up with the queery, "how do we not comply", but Conservative Biker answered the question. Of course for us, Obama and Holder would OK the use of military tribunals for us healthcare non-compliers.

RightKlik said...

Teresa: Thanks.

DB: Be careful, they might incorporate your ideas into their legislation.

NG: I really wonder if Obama's decision on Afghanistan signals the beginning of the Democrats' retreat from health care.

CG: The bill extends more misery to all. Higher taxes, higher unemployment, higher spending on health care, shortages,'s everything you'd expect from a bill written by Democrats.

Will it make the health care system more efficient? Will it help Americans live longer? Will we be healthier?

The GOP isn't even forcing the Dems to answer those questions?

WHT: We shouldn't

nacilbupera: It's very sobering to address these questions, but I think civil disobedience may turn out to be the proper course.

TCB: I'll contribute to your legal defense fund!

DaBlade: You think they'd let us have a trial?

I'm not sure I have a very good idea of what the best course of civil disobedience would would depend on how the bill materializes.

Some thoughts about black market medicine:

Welcome to Mexico, Gringos!