Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hoffman's Brave Fight

Doug Hoffman, the Conservative Party outsider, annihilated the liberal Republicandespite the fact that the RINO was propped up with huge quantities of GOP cash. Then, after the turncoat Republican dropped out, Hoffman delivered a strong showing against the Blue Dog Democrat, who enjoyed the full support of the White House.

Amid reports of broken voting machines and other irregularities, we'll have to wait a while for the final percentages, but Hoffman has conceded to the Democrat, Bill Owens.

What does Doug Hoffman's performance in New York's 23rd Congressional District mean?

The Democrat-run media won't admit it now, but when Hoffman was a long shot, they pointed out how Hoffman's campaign success would be a reflection on the power of the Tea Party Movement and the persuasiveness of the classic conservative message.

They were right.

Hoffman's surprisingly strong performance presents some important lessons for both parties.

As much as they might want to drift (or lurch) to the left, establishment elites don't have that luxury. In a nation in which conservatives outnumber liberals 2:1, the Democrats and the Republicans are going to move to the right. If they don't move to the right voluntarily, conservative Tea Party activists will drag them to the right.

The American taxpayers are fed up. We don't need or want more government interference in our lives.

Conservatives are standing up in opposition to the failed, tired ideas of the '60s and '70s. We're saying no to another decade of stagflation, more societal decay and further breakdown of the American family.

To the GOP, conservatives are saying, "We've compromised enough ALREADY!" We don't need more Arlen Specters or Olympia Snowes.

We won't put up with Republicans whose disdain for time-tested conservative values is only slightly less offensive than that of the radical Democrats.

We won't don't need a party whose assaults on the financial security of future generations are only slightly less reckless that that of the Kleptocrats.

And we won't settle for politicians whose attacks on liberty are only slightly less intense than those of the Party of Pelosi.

Conservatives know they need the GOP, and the GOP is surely beginning to understand how much it needs conservatives. So there can be no more million-dollar campaigns for ACORN-backed, tax-and-spend, secret-ballot-bashing turncoat RINOs who are to the left of Obama on social issues.

Liberty is the only alternative to tyranny, and conservatives will always fight for liberty. That fact needs to sink in with the GOP...pronto.

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Patrick Ruffini
Obama: 2 visits to VA, 3 visits to NJ. Too bad he couldn't make it to NY-23.

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nacilbupera said...

For a Hoffman loss, it sure doesn't feel like one. We poured our soul—time, money, prayers, and writings-- into this election and joined arm-in-arm with the good people of NY23, bloggers like you RK, tea partiers, 9/12ers, tweeters, and other likeminded patriots. We are so proud and thankful of everyone joining together and feel like the momentum of our just cause is still building...

RightKlik said...

nacilbupera: If NY-23 was a test of Tea Party power, Tea Party activists are more powerful than previously appreciated.

DaBlade said...

Great advice RK. I hope they are listening, because it's the American people 2:1 on top of the rubble with a bullhorn now.

Z said...

Since Mr. Z's passing, it's been a very rough few weeks and this situation last night lifted me up; I know he'd have been thrilled, too.

I love DaBlade's comment...."DO YOU HEAR US?" (why else are they slamming Palin every chance they get?)

nacilbupera...thank you for fighting so hard. God bless you all..you did a fantastic job....it IS 'still building..' God bless America.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Liberty is the only alternative to tyranny, and conservatives will always fight for liberty. ..well said my friend!!

Mrsupole said...

God bless America, land of the free, home of the brave, and those who now drink tea!!!

I think that there needs to be more focus on how much was accomplished in the short amount of time by the tea party people in the country. I feel that if the election had been held one or two weeks later that Hoffman would have won. It seems like we only had him on the radar for just a few weeks and look at what was accomplished.

The focus for Tea Party Americans is now on 2010 and we do have the time for these elections. I can only say that the politicians trying to be elected need to watch out because they will be hit hard by the TPA's.

God bless.