Monday, November 16, 2009

More Mean-Spirited Hate-Mongering

Creationism, Obama-Style
And Obama Said, "Let There Be Jobs."

Plan to Fail
"I'm always worried about using the word 'victory'"

Bend it Like Obama
Just in time for the Festival of Lights Holiday Season: the ever-popular Obama Bowing Bird!

Head on over to Contra Obama for more evil mongering.


Nonpartisan Government Agency: Democrats' bill would slash Medicare, increase health care costs, and create a health care crisis for seniors.

Read This: Why does he hate us? Obama's America-effacing presidency

Japan expert to ABC: Yes, Obama’s bow made him look like an idiot

President Obama vs. The Rest of the World: Greeting The Emperor of Japan

Whoever Leads GOP in 2012 Will Have to Undo the Damage From Obama’s Disastrous Policies


Proof said...

I don't care who you are! That there is funny!

robert verdi said...

I love the creationism one.

conservative generation said...

I think the first one really makes the case for...

Dun dun dun dun Barak Obama...Savoir of the universe da duh.

Nice finds Klik!

Bungalow Bill said...

Love the pics!

PSI Bond said...

During his first eight months in office, Obama has exhibited his admiration for dictators and disdain for our allies. He offended the Queen of England and bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. He praised the Marxist Daniel Ortega, kissed Socialist Hugo Chavez on the cheek and endorsed the Socialist Evo Morales of Bolivia. He sided with Hugo Chavez and Communist Fidel Castro against Honduras, a country that followed its constitution and stopped its president from illegally turning himself into that country’s dictator. Obama announced that he would meet with Iranians with no pre-conditions, while they’re building their nuclear weapons.

Amusing Bunni said...

These were great, Right Klik!
The Bobbing Bird, now there's a mascot if I ever saw one.

Janie Lynn said...

Love these!

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..lmbooo funny but sooooooooooooooooo scary!!

Soloman said...

Well that just ruined the magic of the bobbing bird.

The Conservative Lady said...

When the O O Bama Goes Bob Bob Bobbin' A-long

RightKlik said...

Proof: Lots of great stuff over at Contra Obama.

RV: He's not just the messiah anymore.

CG: Thank you. I found it all at Contra Obama

BB: Fector Snackerton gets all the credit.

PSI Bond: No question...Obama has a preference for Marxists and dictators.

AB: A bobbing Obama...wouldn't that make a nice Christmas gift?

JL: You'd love the Contra Obama website.

WHT: Always!

Soloman: Oops...sorry.

TCL: We have a clown in the oval office.