Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ten Buck Nominees for September 17

The preliminary nominees for the next Ten Buck Fridays poll...

Keep the nominations coming!

Note: this is a preliminary list.

Please let me know if there is a reason to exclude any of these nominees from the poll. If you have a particular interest in any of the candidates above, please share your opinion ― or any interesting links.

As always, the unrelenting support of the TBF community is greatly appreciated. Here's some of what our friends have been saying:

  • Maggie's Notebook: Stephen Broden Ten Buck Fridays Winner
  • Before It's News: Stephen Broden Ten Buck Fridays Winner
  • Lilac Sunday: Ten Buck Fridays: it's Stephen Broden!
  • The Camp of The Saints: The winner of this week’s poll is Stephen Broden.
  • Proof Positive: This week's Ten Buck Friday winner is...Stephen Broden!
  • Randy's Roundtable: Stephen Broden. You know the drill, donate here.
  • The Conservative Lady: Ten Buck Fridays: Congratulations Stephen Broden (TX-30)
  • Left Coast Rebel: Broden demonstrates a profound understanding of the compelling issues that are at stake in the upcoming election.
  • RightKlik: Please help Stephen Broden by sending him a generous donation today.
  • Conservative Hideout 2.0: Ten Buck Fridays Winner: Stephen Broden
  • Stephen Broden: The winner of this week's poll will get a lot of support from bloggers and some much-needed donations.
  • Mind-Numbed Robot: I’ve already cast my vote for Stephen Broden.
  • Mind-Numbed Robot: I’ve just made my donation to Stephen Broden’s campaign for Congress.
  • just a conservative girl: Broden is running against the woman who didn't realize that giving her staff and family scholarship money from the CBC was an ethics violation.
  • The Lonely Conservative: TBF Congratulates Stephen Broden – This week’s Ten Buck Friday winner!
  • Texas GOP Vote: Please donate to Stephen Broden's campaign!
  • Dallas County Young Republicans: Vote for Stephen Broden!
  • RedState (mbrown): Help Broden for Congress
  • The Daley Gator: Steven Broden...the man who "might supplant my crooked, lying, corrupt Congress Critter!"
  • At The Point of A Gun: Stephen Broden won for this week's TBF poll.
  • Obama Fail Blog: Ten Buck Fridays
  • Adrienne's Corner: I'm voting for Sam Caligiuri...
  • Nice Deb: Another week, another great bunch of candidates on the TBF poll...
  • Nice Deb: Congratulations Ilario Pantano!
  • Let’s help Colorado’s own Ryan Frazier get some more nationwide attention.
  • America's Watchtower: Vote for Ovide Lamontagne
  • No Sheeples Here: On behalf of Ilario, please accept my deepest thanks for any help you can provide.
  • Obi's Sister: We have another TBF winner!
  • Free Republic: This week, please send some cash to our TBF winner...
  • Sean Bielat: We also need your vote to win Rightklik's "Ten Buck Fridays."
  • Pirate's Cove: A different type of eye candy at Right Klik, the latest on Ten Buck Fridays.

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Anonymous said...

Don't include O'Donnell. Her primary will be over, and if she loses, it'd be a waste of money.