Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ten Buck Nominees for September 10

The preliminary nominees for the next Ten Buck Fridays poll...

Bobby Schilling
Stephen Broden
John Dennis
Vicky Hartzler
Ovide Lamontagne
Sam Caligiuri
Scott Kirkland

Keep the nominations coming!

Note: this is a preliminary list.

Please let me know if there is a reason to exclude any of these nominees from the poll. If you have a particular interest in any of the candidates above, please share your opinion ― or any interesting links.



Ovide Lamontagne ( a great choice. He is the only true conservative in his race and is competing against 3 big money candidates. He needs all the help he can get just to stay up on TV (
from now until the Sept 14 primary. As of the 9-3-10 Magellan poll ( ) he has moved up into second place and is only 13 points out. He has the endorsement of the statewide Manchester Union Leader (
as well as Laura Ingraham.

sunstamp said...

Ovide is running against the establishment and 2 millionaires. He is the only true conservative in this race and any financial support would help us get him through the primary. Once he gets through the primary he will CRUSH Paul Hodes.

sunstamp said...

Ovide Lamontange is running against the establishment and 2 millionaires. We are fighting to get a "true" conservative through the primary. Once he does that he will CRUSH Paul Hodes! His television ad has received a very positive reaction and any financial support to keep it on the air could make all the difference.

duffer47 said...

The Dems in Broden district would vote for a rock if
It were running for ofc. Broden needs all the help
He can get.