Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Scott Kirkland (CA-15) Introduces Himself

Last night, I got a very nice email from Scott Kirkland. He needs help from the TBF network:

"I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself...

"California CD-15 covers much of Silicon Valley, and resides in Nancy Pelosi's backyard. We're facing off against long-time incumbent, Mike Honda. Most people do not know just how far left Mike Honda actually is. He votes with party leadership nearly 98% of the time. He favors a single-payer healthcare system, opposes any effort to secure our nation's border, proposes that education not be managed by the states but funded and managed entirely by the department of education. 19 of his to 20 donors are organized labor. He does not represent us. He represents special interests.

"I am a proud Ronald Reagan Republican...A conservative dedicated to reducing the size and scope of government, cutting wasteful spending and balancing our budget, and cutting taxes and regulations on businesses to help create jobs. I'm a concerned parent, and a businessman, who believes in government that is limited, responsible, and Constitutional.

"I have a wonderfully talented campaign team, a solid strategy for unseating Mike Honda, and more than 150 volunteers. Where we need help is with funding to help launch our initial media blitz. The NRCC contacted us last week, and invited me into their Young Guns program. We're excited about our chances in this race. But we are very grass roots, and need the help of conservatives across the country to help us launch the initial attack...

"I thank you very much for all you are doing on behalf of conservative candidates."

Let's give Scott Kirkland our enthusiastic support!

Need a little motivation? Watch this!

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WomanHonorThyself said...

Mark is awesome..and we need all the inspiration we can get right about now...!

Z said...

and they say there are no California Conservatives? Rubbish!
I'm sending this to friends in the area which he'll represent, thanks!