Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Latest TBF Chatter

Thanks to all the TBF bloggers. Your investment of time and attention to the TBF effort is greatly appreciated. Our conservative friends running for Congress love it. Here's a small sample of their comments:

"As a result of winning the Ten Buck Friday poll, I have received cross-promotion from the dozens of blogs participating, as well as contributions from their readers. I am humbled by the kind words of blogs like 'The Right Klik,' 'Maggie’s Notebook,' 'The Conservative Lady' and so many more.

~ Renee Ellmers, GOP nominee for Congress (NC-02)

"[Ten Buck Fridays] is a quick, easy, and FREE way to help us win some online publicity and money for the campaign."

"I thank you very much for all you are doing on behalf of conservative candidates."

~ Scott Kirkland, GOP nominee for Congress (CA-15)

"The idea of Ten Buck Friday is to harness the power of new media to bring national attention and a fundraising boost to conservative candidates who win the weekly poll.

'"The enthusiasm shown by our supporters in helping us win this is really inspiring,' Chip said. 'It’s a testament to the grassroots nature of our campaign. This same enthusiasm and grassroots network is how we are going to win in November.'

"Chip was off to a strong lead early in the week but saw it narrowed to just a handful of votes yesterday just hours before the poll closed. Chip supporters rallied by tweeting messages, sharing links to the poll on Facebook, and emailing their friends. It was a photo finish, with Chip winning by just 2.3% of the total vote...

"Don’t forget to vote in future polls to support other conservative candidates who need your help. We’re all in this together!"

~ Chip Cravaack for Congress (MN-08)

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link, and it's great to see that we're having an impact.

Z said...

How wonderful to get those endorsements! Good work, RK! that's just terrific!