Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snowe: Yes on Finance Committee Healthcare Plan

Olympia Snowe…ruin health care in your own state…and leave me alone.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) said today she would vote to approve the healthcare bill before the Senate Finance Committee.

The Washington Post found that Snowe has voted with her party only 58.4 percent of the time over the course of 308 votes. She crossed party lines on the $787 billion stimulus bill. Only Susan Collins (R) had a lower party unity score (58.1 percent).

With Snowe's support on the Health Care plan, Democrats can claim a bipartisan product heading into the floor debate. According to the New York Times, Democrats seemed a bit more chipper after hearing Ms. Snowe’s decision.

Snowe's empty rhetoric: "Is this bill all that I would want? Is it all that it can be? No. But when history calls, history calls."

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?


Senator Roberts likens Baucus Plan to an instrument of death, killing elderly parents
The Baucus plan appears to take a “Lizzie Borden ax” to lop off various Medicare payments, amounting to a “big shell game.”

Olympia Snowe and the Consequences of a ‘Yes’ Vote

Snowe's healthcare vote puts her top Commerce perch at risk.

LCR: Olympia Snowe Yes on Obamacare

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Bungalow Bill said...

I just think the party is clueless. There is obviously miscommunication within the party. I quit. I want nothing to do with the Republicans. You have that idiot Graham backing down on cap and trade. You have this idiot supporting a huge healthcare bill while fiscal responsibility continues to be thrown out the door. I just quit.

RightKlik said...

BB: We have to keep fighting somehow.

Chris R said...

Olympia Snowe is an American first and a Republican second. And that my friend is how she voted today.

MDP said...

I will say in Snowe's defense - she represents a liberal state and she is voting for what most of her constituents probably want (I guess)...isn't that really all we want from our representatives? That said, she is a total RINO...she should just switch like Specter and be done with it

RightKlik said...

MDP: What I really want from my representative is for him to stick to the constitution whether it's politically popular or not. I particularly want reps and senators from other states to keep their greedy hands off me.