Saturday, October 31, 2009

Breaking NY23: Dede Scozzafava Drops Out

Robert Stacy McCain: Scozzafava Quits

Watertown Daily Times: SCOZZAFAVA SUSPENDS 23RD CAMPAIGN (h/t: nikkibama)

Dede Scozzafava drops out of NY23!

Hoffman Responds to Scozzafava Quitting the Race

Scozzafava throws support to Hoffman.

Follow the story here as it develops.

How important is this? A Hoffman victory would be ominous for liberals.

The GOP Establishment Must Be Purged as the GOP Loses in NY-23

Siena Poll: NY23 Race too close to call: Hoffman 35%, Owens 36% Scozzafava 20%

PPP: Poll taken this morning in NY-23 shows Hoffman by 19 over Owens (with caveats)

Look for Hoffman to garner most of Scozzafava's Independent and GOP support.

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Discussion: Left Coast Rebel

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Left Coast Rebel said...

Excited! Linked at LCR, also linked at Memeorandum.

RightKlik said...

I missed the Memeo link. Thanks for dropping by.