Friday, October 2, 2009

Is John Kerry Extorting Another Senator?

Is John Kerry extorting another senator?

Before we get to that, here's the background on the important story that has been developing in Honduras, via Neal Boortz:
  • Mel Zelaya was the President of Honduras.
  • Zelaya has close ties with Venezuelan president, Hugo Chavez.
  • Zelaya emulated his buddy Hugo by attempting to change the Honduran constitution to allow him to hold office indefinitely.
  • Zelaya's outrageous and brazen attempt to change the constitution by calling for a referendum was unconstitutional, but with some material support from Chavez, Zaleya was able to create a political crisis.
  • In accordance with the rule of law, and with the overwhelming support of the Honduran people, the Honduran Supreme Court ruled Zaleya's efforts illegal and unconstitutional.
  • The court issued an order to the Honduran military telling them not to do the logistical work associated with Zelaya's phony referendum.
  • Zaleya and his cronies distributed phony ballots to the masses.
  • Based on the Supreme Court's ruling, the Honduran attorney general said that the proposed referendum was illegal and said that he would arrest anyone attempting to carry out the election.
  • Zelaya was arrested by the military and was escorted out of the country.
Here's a good rhetorical question: Does this sound like a military coup to you? Of course not.

You'd think the President of the United States of America would applaud the Honduran government for upholding the rule of law. You'd think Obama would shun Mel Zaleya. You'd think Obama would at least take a neutral position and refrain from "meddling" as he did with Iran. But you would be wrong.

Obama levied sanctions on the impoverished nation in order to force the rightful government from power, and he revoked the visas of all the high Honduran officials to keep them from attending the recent UN summit...cutting them off from the international community. Leading Honduran businessmen have lost their American visas as well. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton has met with Zaleya, and the Obama administration has given Zaleya every indication that they will continue to help him back to power.

Obama has justified his actions thusly:

“America supports now the restoration of the democratically-elected President of Honduras, even though he has strongly opposed American policies,” the president told graduate students at the commencement ceremony of Moscow’s New Economic School. “We do so not because we agree with him. We do so because we respect the universal principle that people should choose their own leaders, whether they are leaders we agree with or not. "


To investigate the situation in Honduras, Senator Jim DeMint, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, planned a congressional delegation trip to Honduras today (Friday).

At the last minute (on Thursday), John Kerry and Obama’s State Department blocked Senator DeMint’s planned fact-finding trip to Honduras.

Lefty bloggers are delighted:

"[DeMint] invoked Senate rules that allow a single Senator to “block” a vote on confirming various of President Obama’s diplomatic nominees, including those for US Ambassador to the Organization of American States, US Ambassador to Brazil and Undersecretary of State for the Western Hemisphere, because he doesn’t like the White House position against the Honduras coup. ...Good for Kerry for knocking DeMint on his ass with such a timely, karma-packed punch."

DeMint has issued the following statement:

“These bullying tactics by the Obama administration and Senator Kerry must stop, and we must be allowed to get to the truth in Honduras. Not a single U.S. Senator has traveled to Honduras to learn the facts on the ground. And the Obama administration won’t allow Honduran officials or even businessmen to come to the U.S., either. While this administration has failed to act decisively in Afghanistan, it is has no problem cracking down on a democratic ally and one of the poorest nations in Latin America.”

“Meanwhile, a thorough report from the Congressional Research Service directly contradicts President Obama’s snap decision about the legality of then-President Zelaya’s removal from office in June. Now, President Obama and Democrats’ blind support for this would-be dictator and friend of Hugo Chavez will prevent members of Congress from learning the truth first hand.”

Confirming the suspicions the lefty blogger quoted above, DeMint has indicated that Kerry's actions do indeed amount to retribution and extortion:

“They’re telling me if I will just let a couple of their nominations go through without debate or a vote, then they will let me go on the trip,” said Senator DeMint, speaking on the Mark Levin Show.

Interim Honduran President Micheletti once said he does not fear sanctions and that Honduras can get by without international aid. Let's hope he continues to stand firm.

Update I: Please see my related story on American Thinker.

Update II: A commenter took exception to the original title of my post: "Is John Kerry Blackmailing Another Senator?" There was some confusion about the definition of "blackmail."

I know liberal Democrats don't trust dictionaries, but here's how Merriam-Webster defines the word:

black·mail: extortion or coercion by threats

Remember what DeMint said?

“They’re telling me if I will just let a couple of their nominations go through without debate or a vote, then they will let me go on the trip”

That sounds a lot like "extortion or coercion by threats" to me. But perhaps it would be a bit more accurate to describe this as a bribe, or extortion. Fine. Title changed.

Living in denial about definitions:

Update III: Kerry confirmed the extortion on Thursday, stating that when DeMint complies with Kerry's demands, "the Committee will approve his travel to Honduras."


LA Times: Honduras' non-coup
Under the country's Constitution, the ouster of President Manuel Zelaya was legal.

Congressional Research Service: The legal basis under the Honduran Constitution for President José Manuel Zelaya Rosales’s removal from office.

Obama imposes sanctions on impoverished nation of Honduras, despite loss of legal basis for doing so.

Please hang on Honduras. It's not just about you anymore.

John Kerry trying to hide truth to protect Zelaya, blocking our fact-finding trip to Honduras

Honduras Is Following Its Law and Constitution.
"I'm a U.S. and Honduran citizen and I'm appalled by President Barack Obama's position on the Honduran crisis."


Anonymous said...

Do you even know what blackmailing means? What happened was simply that Senator Kerry refused to approve the SFRC paying for DeMint, who is not on the western hemisphere subcommittee to go to Honduras. As to the nominees - wasn't it the Republicans who yelled for up or down votes? The Democrats were far slower to issue holds or to filibuster.

What is more troubling to me is that DeMint and the Congressmen have acted as if they can represent the US - with one Congressman even "offering a compromise".

Now, when Bush was President, the right went crazy when Speaker of teh House Pelosi and Senators Dodd and Kerry visited Syria. They were accused of negotiating and there was talk of the Logan Act, where in fact Senators Dodd and Kerry solicited questions from Secretary of State Rice and offered to brief her on their return. They made it very clear that they had no intention of negotiating - just listening - and Kerry headed the subcommittee that oversaw the near east and south asia then.

If there was consistency, there would be concern that DeMint was stepping over the line.

RightKlik said...


black·mail: extortion or coercion by threats

“They’re telling me if I will just let a couple of their nominations go through without debate or a vote, then they will let me go on the trip”

So unless DeMint does what they want, they block his fact-finding mission.

Perhaps you would prefer to call it a bribe, or extortion.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Great post compliling the relevant facts. I must admit I have not paid as close attention to this as I could/should have. Now that I read this I understand it, and it is totaly ridiculous and wait a is perfectly in line with all the other Oministrations of Obama

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Great post compliling the relevant facts. I must admit I have not paid as close attention to this as I could/should have. Now that I read this I understand it, and it is totaly ridiculous and wait a is perfectly in line with all the other Oministrations of Obama

Anonymous said...

Something in the back of my brain tells me that Honduras may be the straw that breaks the Obama administration.

Bungalow Bill said...

Hey, I found this online while I was looking at the health of Chrysler, and the guy who wrote it didn't even give you a link.

The Watcher said...

Obama's Rule of Law: My rules, My law.

Janie Lynn said...

What Kook said, totally.

Amazing stuff.

RightKlik said...

KOOK: Thanks. I think Americans are going to get fed up with Obama's insane agenda soon.

NG: I hope so!

BB: I left a comment on the Chrysler website about the absurdity of the auto industry bailout. It apparently hit some funny bones and bounced around all over the internet. That's one website I hadn't seen the comments on.

I was glad my comments became so popular...but they never generated much traffic for my blog. I wasn't too disappointed because the typos were a little embarrassing!

It's amazing that you randomly ran across that.

TW: Yes, Obama thinks he is the law.

JL: Thank you.

RaDena said...

I'm a lot more informed after I read this than I was before I came here, RK. I only came by to tell you I linked to you and got an education too. I'm not surprised by Obama's position on this though. Each and every day he reveals to one and all exactly who he is. Of course we already know, but there's a lot of dunderheads out there who are still in denial.

DaBlade said...

"...We do so because we respect the universal principle that people should choose their own leaders..." That is, unless the American people try to chose a Republican. Then we will attempt to usurp the people thru strong-arm tactics and funny math. Hanging chad anyone?

Anonymous said...

I am a white man that grew up in a small mostly white farming community. That being said, I know what it means to encounter prejudice. I was a Mormon missionary in Texas. Most of the people I encountered were kind, but a few behaved poorly. I remember the looks we would get from people. I remember people shouting awful things at us as we walked along the road. As a result I have a heightened indignation towards those with racist viewpoints.

Recently Jimmy Carter, and several in the media have said thatopposition to Obama is based on racism. I would appose a white President or Vice President if he did the things Obama is doing. Some examples of this are Jimmy Carter and Al Gore, I oppose almost everything those two nitwits attempt. On the other hand, I support several black conservatives. Some examples of black conservatives I support are: Thomas Sowell, and Jessie Lee Peterson.

I have friends of all races and was taught from an early age to respect all people. I grew up admiring Men like: Bill Cosby, Walter Payton, and Dr. King. I believe in the words of Dr. King. I believe that a man should be judged by the content of his character, and not the color of his skin. Any issues I have with Mr. Obama has nothing to do with his race.

The fringe media and some on the extreme left are losing arguments so rather than admit defeat they are calling us racists. This is even worse than when some conservatives said it was unpatriotic to question President Bush. I'm not backing down! I will not let fears of being called racist silence me. The truth is the truth, and no amount of media deception can change that.

Z said...

So..wait..........some people are NOT outraged at what's happened in Honduras, let alone what DeMint had happen to him?
BLACKMAIL..? OF COURSE, it's blackmail.

This was a fact finding trip, nothing else. Since when has America been on the socialist/communist's side and supported it?
Man, Right Klik....things are getting even more seriously skewed in this country... In 9 months, we've become something I don't recognize.
And, if we had an honest media, DeMint could be heard and could rightfully accuse Kerry.

"DeMint stepping over the line?" What about all the Democrats who've gone to CUBA for FACT FINDING???!

Anonymous said...

Most of the world agrees with the offical position of the US government. So, some here are defending a few Republicans who believe that it is ok to undermine our goverment and hold up appointments? DeMint does not even hold interests on this territory in his capacity on the Senator Foreign Relation Committee so you know he is representing others interest here. I support the move of Senator Kerry, as a tax payer I am pleased that he refused to allow funds for this "trip". Let DeMint's backers pay for it. And, my opinion of DeMint, based on his actions are thus, he is a bought and sold hack,and scum bag that should not even be a US Senator. He serves no ones interests but his own and those of others who obviously are paying him to be a spoiler.

RightKlik said...

ReDena: Thanks for the link. I hope this story gets much more attention. Obama is supporting a criminal.

DaBlade: ...and in this situation, the Supreme Court, acting in accordance with the Honduran Constitution, was also in line with popular opinion. Obama has no legitimate basis on which to support Zaleya's return to power.

Anon II: You're right, we can't back down. Obama is creating enormous problems.

Z: Obama and the Dems have pulled a nasty stunt with this episode. From the Boston Globe:

Kerry's power play was very unusual if not unprecedented.

Approval for such trips is usually only declined out of security concerns.

Anon III: Most of the world supports Obama's postition? How do you know, did someone take a poll? And so what if they that how we decide what is right and wrong now?

For once, I'd like to hear an Obama supporter explain Obama's position on Honduras. Why do you support Obama's effort to put Zaleya back in power illegally?

If you really care about this issue, read this from the LA Times: Honduras' non-coup

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed reading this blog... Thanks so much for doing such a great job.

Z said...

"I'd like to hear an Obama supporter explain Obama's position on Honduras."
I'd like to hear THAT and I'd like to hear why 40,000 people had to lose their jobs and the whole California Central Valley STOP being the produce capital of America because of a 2" fish; Did the fish cure CANCER? SO WHAT if it become extinct? geeeZ!

Sober Sentinel said...

Thanks for posting about this, RK! America needs to see what this Administration is doing: supporting thugs & dictators in high places, and subverting genuine Democratic rule of law. Great post!

RightKlik said...

PoL: Thank you.

Z: The priorities have been turned upside down.

SS: Thank you.

Amusing Bunni said...

Thanks for exposing this. Of course it's blackmail, and these shameless thugs have no problem admitting it! Dear Lord, our Country, and Honduras, are screwed.

Anonymous said...

Good job on this. I hadn't paid attention, but felt that (as usual) Obama and his Party of the Jackass (no-it's not a donkey - see below for a history lesson about the Democratic Donkey) is shafting our friends and licking the boots of our enemies. Hope DeMint stands firm and keeps those nominees blocked....


The Democratic Donkey:
Andrew Jackson's opponents tried to label him a 'jackass' and he picked up the term and used it in his campaign posters. During his presidency the donkey was used to represent Jackson's stubborness when he vetoed re-chartering the National Bank.

The first time the donkey was used in a political cartoon to represent the Democratic party, it was again in conjunction with Jackson.

Although in 1837 Jackson was retired, he still thought of himself as the Party's leader and was shown trying to get the donkey to go where he wanted it to go. The cartoon was titled "A Modern Baalim and his Ass." and thus the Democrats became The Party of the Jackass.....