Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Recommended Reading

Conservatives are Happier Because They Hate Everyone

Limbaugh Fires Back at Powell

Reid: $700 billion bailout not working.  So...the bailout of the finanical industry is failing, but the bailout of the auto industry is a great idea?  Can you predict what Reid will say next?  How about this: “I actually did vote for the $700 billion before I voted against it.” 

Global Warming is clearly a looming threat: Snow brings Las Vegas a touch of winter.

RightKlik is under the weather...will be back with a vengence tomorrow.


robert verdi said...

I am happy and one of the primary reasons is that I love my family and they love me.

Biased Girl said...

RightKlik- Hope you feel better. I too am under the weather, thank god for the lap top. :)

Oh and I'm generally happy too, except when I have to talk to Liberals.

Critical Thinker said...

Beh! I got it too. Hopefully there will be a stimulus package for it. Hope you all feel better.

RightKlik said...

Thanks for the well wishes.

RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...

Hope everyone else gets well soon.

Humble wife said...

Right Klik,
I have enjoyed finding you via Wizbang. I am enlightened every time I swing by, and have added you to my daily reads.

Feel better!
Jennifer(yes that Jennifer...aka the 8th grader in outfield!)

my non family blog has a weekly caption contest if you ever wish to swing by-penofjen.blogspot.com.