Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Recommended Reading (And Listening)

Let them drive Buicks! The grotesque results of government-run automobile manufacturing.

Gender divide on Kennedy's ability

Texting in the fast lane becomes illegal on Thursday

Chinese Dairies Agree to Pay $160 Million to Tainted-Milk Victims

Is Oprah's Golden Touch Tarnished?

Baby, 14 pounds, born in US

Track of the Day:

"I've always wanted to make an album that acts as a bridge between the different music worlds," says Waggoner. "I tried to hold on to my classical roots, while also creating a good hook, with lyrics that listeners can relate to."


-suitepotato- said...

I highly recommend the article about texting while driving. Here's the money shot quote:

Simitian cited a study released in September by Britain's Transport Research Laboratory, in which it was shown that texting behind the wheel is more dangerous than driving while drunk or stoned on marijuana. According to the study, drivers' reaction times fell by 35 percent while they were reading or composing a text message, compared with a decline of 21 percent among those who had consumed the legal limit of alcohol.

Of course, those are people who drive on the wrong side of the road. So there's that.

Simitian found research that showed in California, more than half the people who text do so while driving. "If you do the math, that means that probably 5 or 6 million California drivers are driving while texting at some point," Simitian said. "If I told you there were 5 or 6 million drunk drivers on the road, people would be up in arms."

That people need to be told this is ludicrous for a species that can build pyramids and space shuttles, Stonehenge and the supercollider. Then again, they need to be told that common household paint is not for internal consumption.

"We got a long way to go and a short time to get there..."

robert verdi said...

The car one was pretty good.

Humble wife said...

Funny on the gender divide on CK...no issue for me, like I like you know am all for Camelot and Like GAG me totally. I am sick and tired of a legacy. I want ability, merit, talent, personality, and the ability to connect with me, Mrs. Joe the Plumber. I cannot even relate to someone who has so much money, nor does she understand that my lack of money does not mean that I desire universal health care and a handout for everything.

And as a very small person...I could not believe the baby, my youngest three kids were 3 lbs 3 oz, 5 lbs even and 6 lbs even...and the baby weighed that much- one baby~holy smokes!

Right Klik- I enjoy this style of blog news source info. Thanks so much- you remind me of Drudge/Gateway pundit!

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