Friday, April 2, 2010

Why the Tea Party Will Fail

Did he cross his heart and hope to die?

Some wishful thinking from a Tea Party hater:

The Tea Partiers will fail because for them to succeed we would need to shred the US Constitution and start over. That would require a revolution, and that’s not going to happen.

You just have to examine what they stand for. They claim to be strict constitutionalists, but they can’t stop screaming that what Democrats are doing is unconstitutional – against the will of the people.

The Tea Partiers must have forgotten that Democrats won two elections – one in 2006 and another one in 2008.

Obama and Congressional Democrats campaigned on health care reform. So it’s disingenuous for the Tea Partiers to now claim that Democrats are defying the will of the people by pursuing the agenda that they campaigned on.

Time to school another left-wing hatriot.

First, let's remember that elections never authorize Congress to abuse the constitution.

Second, Obama and Congressional Democrats did NOT campaign on ObamaCare's key ingredients: the Cornhusker Kickback, Gatoraid, the Louisiana Purchase, backroom deals with BigPharma...or the unconstitutional "individual mandate." (In fact, Obama rightly campaigned against the individual mandate.)

Polls have made it very clear: ObamaCare is not the health care reform Americans had in mind when Democrats were campaigning in 2008.

Pelosi and her cronies campaigned against the "culture of corruption" and promised "open and honest government." I'm still waiting for that. The American people are still waiting for that. And we'll all remember the bribes and broken promises when we show up to vote in November.

But the left-wing extremists don't seem to care about the indignation of the American people. They temporarily assembled a caucus in Congress barely big enough to override the objections of the people, and they seized as much unconstitutional power as possible, as fast as they possibly could.

The problem with the left is that the left has no respect for the Constitution―the very document through which the people loan their power to the president and to Congress. The radical left defied the Constitution in order to advance their unpopular and reckless health care agenda, and now they're flaunting their disregard for the constraints of the supreme law of the land.

The Tea Party movement is a megaphone for those who have been disenfranchised by the radical left. That's why the Tea Party will succeed.

Representative Phil "The Constitution Doesn't Matter" Hare (D-IL):
Video via Dana Loesch


Flashback: Obama slams Hillary's plan for "forcing everyone to buy insurance."

Bobby Schilling is running against Phil Hare

Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party

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Opus #6 said...

Well said, RK. This hatriot is only giving voice to his wishful thinking.

RightKlik said...

O6: Thanks!
They had better wish hard. Nov. will be ugly. They've permanently damaged this country, but they will pay for it.

The Conservative Lady said...

Good post RK. That video is priceless and indicative of the progressives running the show. Proof that they don't give a damn about the Constitution. I laughed at the end when he walked out refusing to answer the question. Typical.

RightKlik said...

TCL: It's an amazing clip. Conservatives all over the country should play this clip in their ads as they run against the Dems. This isn't an isolated Democrat opinion. This is the attitude of the entire left.

DaBlade said...

Obamacare may not provide free universal healthcare to all, but for just a few $trillion, it takes care of 300 Americans and that's a start. At least according to Dingell. More legislation is apparently necessary in order to control the tea party people.

Dapper Dan said...

RK, Amen to what you said! The Socialist Democrats are the ones doing the shredding.

Z said...

I wish I could give a furry little rabbit to little miss RK for Easter!

As for the video.....this man looked like he'd been hoping they'd call him a liar...typical of the left.."AHA, he said THAT, so I'm OFF THE HOOK...that is WORSE than what I'm NOT SAYING" ... as if.
it's what they do to people like COulter whose message is so right on they can't hide anywhere so they pick on her (often atrocious and ammunition-lending) demeanor...

Z said...

by the way...that's another leftist thing "I care more about the people.." As if the Right doesn't.

Is this where they got the expression HARE BRAINED? :-)

heidianne jackson said...

he doesn't concerne himself with the constitution because he cares more about the people? uhuh. can't have it both ways. the constitution limits government and protects the rights and liberties of the people. ignoring it enslaves the people to the government.

what he actually means is that he doesn't concern himself with the constitution because if he did so then he would be leaving a great big power grab on the table. can't have that, can we?

hare-brained indeed, z.

Anonymous said...

Good investigative outing RK! The true tea baggers are the left and their cronies.

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: The Dems won't be happy until they pass 4700 pages of legislation for every woman, man and child on the face of the earth.

Z: Thank you. I'll have to post easter pics.

You're exactly right, he was looking for an excuse to bolt out the door. He couldn't take the heat.

And, yes...the "We CARE about PEOPLE" meme is nauseating. They pretend to be worried about kids dying on the street (which never happens) and medical bankruptcies, but they don't spend a lot of time worrying about the fiscal health of this country or about the prospect of the whole country going bankrupt.

HJ: Exactly. They don't care about people, they're in love with the State.

David: I'm only BEGINNING to appreciate how vile and disgusting the extreme left is.