Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Why I Like Obamcare

Random thoughts on the benefits and advantages of the Democrats' historic health care reform legislation:
  • I like ObamaCare because I think everyone is entitled to their fair share of crushing bureaucratic regulation...it's a fundamental human right.
  • ObamaCare will succeed where RomneyCare failed because it is TOTALLY different.
  • We have compelling evidence that Americans will live longer and more healthfully as a result of ObamaCare.
  • We can be very confident that per capita spending on health care will decrease as a result of the Democrats' health care legislation.
  • Self-serving politicians will usher in a new era of unprecedented efficiency in health care.
  • The U.S. Federal Government: "Thrifty, omniscient, virtuous."
  • Opposition to ObamaCare comes from the limbic system, not from the prefrontal cortex.
  • Anyone who disagrees with me is a vile, angry racist.


iPad or oPad...which will you choose?

If only the government passed a law to make sure that those people who can not afford an Apple iPad do not suffer the unfairness and indignity of living without access to tablet computing:

"All I know about this is...I paid for it, and it won't start working until 2014."


conservative generation said...

That's a pretty sneaky title there Klik. You snagged me. Good round up!

RightKlik said...

Thanks CG. My titles were putting people to sleep. Needed to jazz it up a little!

The Conservative Lady said...

Enjoyed the post and great video. I linked to you and the video over at the TCL FB page.
Hope you had a Happy Easter.

RightKlik said...

TCL: Thank you! I had a happy Easter. Hope you did too.

Anonymous said...

Very clever video

Soloman said...

Good stuff...

loved the video too, glad to see young people with some idea of reality!

LoneWolfArcher said...


Well played.

I love being Right said...

Good Post as usual! :)

commoncents said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I really like your blog!!

Common Cents

ps. Link Exchange??