Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Left Wing Filth and Hatred

Left-wing hate

Alan Colmes says the Right is "struggling to draw equivalency with Obama-bashing."

There's no struggle. It's quite easy to find evidence of vile left-wing hatred and violence...it's abundant, and it's tolerated and accepted by mainstream lefties:

(Warning: totally NSFW)
Don't miss the misogynistic hate filth from this left-wing sex pig:

(Warning: totally NSFW)
No, the left-wing hatred that I've seen is NOT equivalent to the peaceful and mild mannered dissent that I've witnessed at the tea parties over the past year. The left-wing hate is truly disgusting.

Left-wing outrage over uncivil discourse was conspicuously absent two short years ago. Alan Colmes: During the Bush years, where was YOUR concern for incivility?


Extensive documentation of Left Wing hatred and filth from ZombieTime (NSFW)

Breitbart: If the LEFT stops eating our fingers, beating up black men, throwing eggs at our buses, threatening violence, perhaps we can work together!


EconomyPolitics said...

RK: Not to mention their current hatred for sarah palin. You might want to put this up as further evidence. Although it is kind of scary.


RightKlik said...

EP: Thanks for the link. I'll post it. A lot of the Sarah Palin hate that I found was so toxic, I thought it wise not to link to it.

Adrienne said...

A few trips to the Democratic Underground Forum convinced me these people are bottom feeders. I never saw such language.

The other thing I find shocking is the language and such of the main stream lefties. The Rachael Maddows et al. Horrible behavior. They remind me of the "cool" crowd in high school (and about as bright)

Proof said...

The attacks on Sarah Palin don't even include the physical attacks, like the deranged egg throwers.


Anonymous said...

This is the age of debate in the country. Instead of having factual informative dicussions, we yell at each other, or worst - physically attack or use threats.

Think is, perhaps folks might listen to them and even see that perhaps they have a valued point of view if they didn't go about it the way they do. But no, the progressives and liberals rather use force. Which turns folk like me, who is more libertarian, off from them.

Z said...

and they don't even see their hypocrisy.....Nobody on the Right DARES display their disregard for Obama in public, but let them complain about taxes in a civil manner and they're FAR FAR WORSE THAN THE LEFT WAS when they called Bush every ugly name under the sun.

Mark Adams said...

That spew their venom because they can't validate their argument, so they'll call people like me a neoCon, even though I never have been a liberal, or Fascist, even though the political spectrum throughout history shows fascism to be more aligned with the left, then they get frustrated and spew Teabagger, this coming from the left to make the Tea Party feel humiliated, even though the left sympathizes with gay people.
They’re lost because they can't debate the issues with any common sense.
Sad, really.

Matthew Avitabile said...

Can you spell hypocrisy?