Thursday, April 29, 2010

Immigration Controversy on The Other Side of The Pond

It's universal. If you disagree with the left, you're an evil, bigoted racist.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is embroiled in controversy over some unguarded comments he made after a "Joe the Plumber" moment with Gillian Duffy, a Rochdale voter:

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are preparing for the third and final prime ministerial debate.

But the Labour leader's preparations have been overshadowed by the fall out and negative headlines after he called a pensioner he had met "bigoted".

He has been to Gillian Duffy's house in Rochdale to apologise for his comment, which was caught on a microphone...

The BBC political editor said it was impossible to say what impact the incident with Mrs Duffy would have on voters, but with Labour trailing in the polls, he added, every day left in the campaign needed to be a good day for Mr Brown and Wednesday clearly was not.

Here's video of Gordon Brown's hateful remarks:

Gillian Duffy's reaction to Brown's insult:

The Labour party is in trouble in Great Britain. A Comres poll for the Independent/ITV News put the Conservatives up three points on 36%, Labour unchanged on 29% and the Lib Dems down three at 26%. Elections are on May 6.


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Anonymous said...

If Labour voters do abandon Brown over "bigot-gate" I think it's most likely they'll swap to voting Lib Dem. This will not be good for the Conservatives as some of their "safe" seats might suddenly be under threat.

In any case it is astonishing, even to someone like me who would never vote Conservative, that they are not way out in front in the opinion polls. Does that say more about Cameron, the memory of Thatcherism or the British people?

On the immigration issue there are many people who whinge that the Eastern Europeans are "taking their jobs". Conversely there are many of us that recognise that people from Eastern Europe work hard, value family and society, and make a fantastic contribution to the UK. The whingers need to raise their game and stop complaining. Ironically they are often the kind of obnoxious Britons that feel they have a god-given right to go and live and work anywhere they like in the world but don't want to extend that right to others!

tha malcontent said...

The point is that even those that agree with him think he's an asshole.

Adrienne said...

I found it almost laughable that the reporters kept coming after that poor woman with questions designed to encourage her to say something outrageous. She kept her cool and answered simply and with honesty. That makes her a very smart lady.

RightKlik said...

CL: As I understand it, Duffy's question was not one of whether the volume of immigration should be less than the volume of emigration; it was a question of how to balance debt, unemployment and immigration.

Now we understand why Gordon Brown is considered to be the Labor Party's "secret weapon." They've been keeping him away from the public for good reason.

TM: He's the typical modern leftist politician who can't handle a tough grilling, and who doesn't thing he should have to be exposed to the masses.

Adrienne: That's a good point. She refused to give them a juicy quote that would allow them to shift focus away from Brown.

RightKlik said...

"It came on the day that Labour's favourite think-tank admitted those concerned about mass immigration had been treated as 'nasty, stupid and backward."

Z said...

Did that guy behind her in the yellow shirt have BARACK on his shirt??

This woman reminds me of Joe the Plumber "all I did was ask him a question!"

The difference between the journalists there and OURS here was that it was clear that she was angry at the LIBS and they actually encouraged her to say if that anger would carry over into the voting booth.
Our media would have said "But, surely, that one thing won't dissuade you from VOTING LEFT!" right!? (maybe a bit more subtle than that!)