Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mike Perez on the Rick Amato Show

If you use Twitter, you probably know Mike Perez (@mikepfs). His is one of the most important and reliable conservative voices on Twitter. He tweets 25 hours a day, he's at the forefront of every news story, and he has 100,000 followers. In many ways, Mike is the backbone of the conservative community on Twitter.

Mike's accomplishments are particularly impressive in light of the fact that he's a grassroots conservative just like the rest of us. He doesn't have a TV show, a radio program or a New York Times best seller (yet). His success is a result of his relentless promotion of conservative principles, always delivered with polite and friendly tweets.

On Tuesday, shortly after passing the 100K follower milestone, Mike got some richly deserved recognition as "Conservative Tweeter of the Week" on the Rick Amato Show on KCBQ in San Diego. The interview with Mike starts at 14:50...

Congratulations Mike!


Opus_6 on the Rick Amato Show

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Z said...

can't get the video up and never heard of Mike Perez, but he sounds great! Thanks, RK'
Opus6 was on the Amato Show the other day and she's linked it...