Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Repeal It or Be Replaced

ABC News reports on some disappointing rhetoric from the GOP. For some, ObamaCare is not a particularly big concern:

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, who chairs the committee responsible for electing GOP senators this fall, said in an interview, "The focus really should be on the misplaced priorities of the administration" and Congress' Democratic leaders.

"The No. 1 concern of the public is jobs and people losing their homes," he said. "The administration has been obsessing on this health care bill."

Asked if he advises Republican Senate candidates to call for repealing the law, Cornyn said: "Candidates are going to test the winds in their own states.

There are a lot of problems with what Cornyn is saying.

Firstly, if the Government takeover of health care isn't a misplaced priority, I don't know what is. And if the GOP can't show an unwavering commitment to standing in the way of the malignant growth of unpopular and out-of-control government programs, there's really no reason to support the GOP.

Secondly, like most of the Democrats' plans, ObamaCare is a jobs killer. To improve the jobs market, Republicans will need to fight to repeal the Democrats' agenda...including ObamaCare. Let's get government out of the way so that Americans can save and create the jobs they need.

Thirdly, "testing the winds" isn't going to save this country. Republicans need to focus on what's best for our future, not what on seems to be popular at the moment.

The U.S. is on the wrong track; most voters understand that. Americans want real leadership that's focused on the long-term health of this country. We don't need a GOP that promises to keep moving in the same direction ― only at a slower speed.

The GOP needs a strong message. Not "tweak and adjust," not "repeal OR reform."

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Dapper Dan said...

The GOP had better get out in front of this big wave or they just might be swamped themselves.

tha malcontent said...

Sen. John Cornyn Pleeese.....don't get me started!

Taylor Cottam, CFA, FRM said...

What do we do if even the GOP goes wobbly? Vote libertarian?

RightKlik said...

DD: So true. They're going to be in trouble if they don't wake up soon.

TM: He's doing more harm than good.

TC: We take over the GOP.

DaBlade said...

I learned from the feminazis and pro-abortion progressives that I am not allowed my pro-life opinions because I am a male. Therefore, using this same "logic", I must say that I am uniquely qualified to have an opinion on obamacare. As someone who has recently lost his job and in the process of losing his house, I demand that the repeal of obamacare be made top priority. Repealing obamacare or working on creating jobs is a false Washington choice. They are one in the same.