Sunday, March 21, 2010

What I Saw at the Code Red Rally in Washington

It was an incredible day at the Code Red rally in Washington D.C. It was a restrained and compulsively neat crowd (end of speech chant: Pick up trash! Pick up trash!), but it was also an assertive, angry and impatient group.

The Democrats in Washington are apparently immovable, and that's really too bad. If the party in charge of D.C. keeps ignoring the people, the consequences are going to be ugly.

Pictures are worth thousands of words, so without further ado, here are the highlights of my visit to D.C. (click on images to enlarge):

Washington sheds a tear.

These truths are no longer self-evident.

Pony reform!

Code Pink at Code Red

Too brown to work at MSNBC.

Is someone having a Coffee Party?

Sending a message

Keeping the right-wing extremists in check

US Representative Mary Fallin (OK-5)

US Representative Michael McCaul (TX-10): "They still don't have the votes."


God Bless America: What I Saw on the West Lawn Saturday

Democrats libel 'Kill the Bill' crowd

Media Lying About Racist Attacks

Weird: Black woman among those accused of hurling racial slurs at Congressional Black leaders

Manufactured Outrage of the Day: Left Horrified Over Alleged Slurs at D.C. Rally

Left Coast Rebel: San Diego's Kill the Bill rally

Michelle Malkin: Kill the Bill activists will return on Sunday.


Always On Watch said...

The oligarchs in charge are going to pass this bill against the overwhelming will of the WE THE PEOPLE!

Sad times ahead for America, land that I love.

The Conservative Lady said...

Thank you for going to DC yesterday. It was wonderful to see the thousands of Patriots standing up for freedom.

Jennifer said...

Hey, I bet we crossed paths because I saw all this same stuff. Saw Fallon on the stairs of the H of R and almost all that other stuff. Wish I could have known who you were! I had my two boys with my, aged 9 and 5, no signs though.

RightKlik said...

AOW: If they pass it, I see no reason to considere it to be legitimate law.

TCL: Was very fortunate to be there.

Jennifer: Maybe next time. I didn't have any signs either. Just a camera and a backpack.