Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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New and Views

What Data Crunchers Did for Obama
About three minutes into his speech on Jan. 20, President Barack Obama spoke a word never before uttered in a Presidential inauguration speech: "data.". The word may sound nerdy, and Obama used it in reference to indicators of economic and other crises. But it's no coincidence the word found its way into his remarks. The harnessing of data has been crucial to Obama's rise to power.

The Numerati
Suffice it to say that electronic mining and targeting continue to play ever-growing roles in politics. 

Limousine Liberals and Other Curiosities
We think of the moral mind as being like an audio equalizer, with five slider switches for different parts of the moral spectrum. Democrats generally use a much smaller part of the spectrum than do Republicans. The resulting music may sound beautiful to other Democrats, but it sounds thin and incomplete to many of the swing voters that left the party in the 1980s, and whom the Democrats must recapture if they want to produce a lasting political realignment.

Independents Take Center Stage in Obama Era.
Republicans and Democrats are even more divided than in the past, while the growing political middle is steadfastly mixed in its beliefs about government, the free market and other values that underlie views on contemporary issues and policies. 

Early retirement claims increase dramatically.
Instead of working longer as the economy worsens, more Americans are calling it quits before age 66. The ramifications could be profound for the retirees, families, government and social institutions.

It takes a villiage of idiots.
All in all, I’m glad I’m not young anymore. I’m even grateful I’m not raising a youngster. That’s because liberals are doing their best to destroy childhood.

Are you fed up?
The National Institues of Health will pay $2.6 million in U.S. tax dollars to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job.

China warns Federal Reserve over 'printing money'.
China has warned a top member of the US Federal Reserve that it is increasingly disturbed by the Fed's direct purchase of US Treasury bonds.

Elected women are more ethical than elected men.
You know it's true because Nancy Pelosi says so.

When will Barack Obama stop fudging it?
Excellent observations from across the pond.

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