Monday, May 4, 2009

Attention Leftists!

"Guantanamo, rendition, waterboarding and military tribunals — Hey, let's go after Bush and Cheney!"

Does the left want this country to be safe?  If so, how high is safety on their list of priorities?  Right now, it's hard for me to understand where the left is coming from. 

Attention leftists...Bush is GONE!  That fact doesn't seem to have penetrated through your skulls.  YOU are in charge now, and YOU had better formulate a rational approach to national defense and foreign policy.

Yeah, I know the old Bush Administration still gives you nightmares and the tea bag crowd is really menacing, but you might want to spend some time on SOME of the other threats in this world.  If you do, you might come to realize that Fox News and Rush Limbaugh are not your biggest problems. 

Please, take a moment to reevaluate your priorities.  If you won't do it for the good of this country, do it for the sake of self-preservation.


Does Today's Leftwing Have Any Foreign Policy Gravitas?

Obama Reviving Military Tribunals in Gitmo 


robert verdi said...

you left out the enemy of the month, Chrysler and GM Bondholders.

Lynne said...

Well, hello ALL YOU DUMB ASS REPUBLICANS! I'm flattered that you all would spend this much time on me. I'm also amazed that you think that deleting me and "blasting" me bothers me. Thanks for the time and energy.

And while we're on the subject of being nasty, can anyone explain why it is that YOU all are allowed to be nasty to ME and others, tell me to go f*ck myself, etc. but it is not ok for me to say anything? The bottom line is, you all can certainly dish out lots of what you cannot take. Period. Again, I'm flattered that you think you're bothering me.
Have a nice day.

bluepitbull said...

Actually, I know some lefties that think Fox and Rush ARE the biggest problems in the U.S. right now.

I tell them that Fox is the most watched cable outlet to date. The normal reply is that the people watching are idiots.

Lynne, I don't think anyone here said anything to you.

Jean said...

Why is Lynne's blog page blocked?

I think you are right on spot - again Right Klik. The Dems are spending most of their energy trying to find ways to vanquish Bush from history by horrid means when they should just move on and spend their time worrying about protecting our country and helping the economy. Get over it already!

WomanHonorThyself said...

they dont have priorities!..ack!!

Chris Geiser said...

Nice hat man!!!

RightKlik said...

RV: Yes, right. The list of public enemies is growing fast.

Lynne: Some unwritten rules of this blog...
1. No cryptic accusations.
2. Don't imply things that aren't true.
3. If you don't have anything good to say, at least stay on topic.
4. Read BEFORE you comment. (Maybe you did, but I doubt it.)

Blue: The leftists are in desperate need of education. It's too easy for them to live within the safety of their bubble with no exposure to the truth.

Jean: I don't know why Lynne's page is blocked. I guess it's easier to make unfounded accusations when you make yourself inaccessible.

WHT: I think you're right. Agendas, yes. Principled priorities, no.

CG: The picture is from an issue of TIME magazine. They were making fun of Bush's "cowboy diplomacy" in which he was supposedly "going it alone". I think the picture would work just as well for an article describing Obama's cowardly diplomacy.

cube said...

The left has priorities, but they are out of whack with what hard-working Americans believe.

Don't worry about FOX News and Rush. BO, it's the economy and national security, stupid!

RightKlik said...

Cube: I'm afraid Obama has conservatives in checkmate. If the economy revives and there are no foreign policy disasters, great! Four more years. If there is an economic or national security disaster of some kind, the crisis will not go to waste. Obama will find a way to turn it into an opportunity to grab more power.

bluepitbull said...

There is going to be a foreign policy disaster. The Iranian prez is already reading more into our relationship than was intended. It's all in an interview with Susan Rice at my site.

One of those DUMB ASS REPUBLICANS said...

Lynne and all you other Leftists, listen up..
The government is not my parent. I am an adult as well and know what is right and wrong and can live my life without the Liberals of the country dictating to me. I know when to shut a light off and if and when I want to go on a long trip ans therefor use a lot of gas.. Screw the “Global Warming” brigade, and screw the ACLU as well. This is still American and I still can do what I want and when I want to do it. I don’t
need Barack Obama or Congressman John Conyers or Al Gore’s approval. And you can throw Obama’s wife into that sack of crap also. The American way of life is all but gone. John Conyers talks about Bush Lying America into War and HIS Campaign to Hold Bush accountable. But never about holding Clinton accountable, about catching and PUNISHING those who killed and attacked Americans world wide, as well as the first bombing of the World Trade center.. It’s no secret that Barack is a Marxist and what his agenda is. But that don’t seem to bother the Liberal bloggers. All the Liberals bloggers are concerned about is the fact that they OWN the White House and the Congress. So us Conservatives are screwed. Effective check and balance? What a joke.
What I’m going to say is just like the asswipes on the liberal blogs said, and call for the Impeachment of the sitting President, who we all can see now is an idiot. Lets run down his idiot-ness (is that a word?) and see how well he’s done in his first 100 days in office…

The Europeans, who were all lining up to take turns kissing up to the Messiah sucking up to him like a vintage Hoover vacuum cleaner have had an epiphany, and now are convinced that he’s an utter moron who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow about economics, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc, etc, etc, and is also completely clueless on how to properly treat a visiting head of state or foreign dignitary with the decorum that the position deserves. Us conservatives pointed out that he was a complete bumbling idiot, but the liberals wouldn’t listen, and accused us conservatives of trying to *steal* the election by scaring the world into thinking that he would ruin their economies. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
He has spent more, in the first 100 days of the presidency, than all of the other presidents COMBINED have spent in their first FULL YEAR in office. That’s impressive, only because we were told that it would be impossible to spend that much money in that short of a period because it would bankrupt the country, so all of us conservatives were told that we were just *being alarmists* and trying to win an election with our own moron by scaring the beJesus out of the population in order to *steal* the election from the Messiah. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
We conservatives pointed out that he couldn’t cobble together a coherent sentence on his own without the help of a staff of writers, and Teleprompters placed in a grid-like pattern in a radius of 50 feet, spaced two feet apart in any direction form the next available Teleprompter, so as to make sure the idiot wouldn’t stumble over the words, or forget his place. And even with all that, the idiot *lost* his place on the scrolling Teleprompter, and just babbled for 5 minutes while the staff tried to scroll the text back so that he could stop making an idiot of himself. Again, I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected. Pretty impressive isn’t it!
He wouldn’t know an un-corrupt politician if said politician dropped to his knees and bowed to him... . His is the first presidency in history where the amount of overall appointments is running neck and neck with the amount of tax cheats he’s appointed. Us conservatives pointed out that OBambi was nothing more than a corrupt Chicago asswipe. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.
We pointed out that he’s a gun-grabber, and he even turned the spotlight onto himself with the *clinging to religion and guns* statement he made, but the panty-wetters at the Brady Outhouse to Prevent you from Exercising your Second Amendment Right got their titty-nipples tied into knots and claimed that we were trying to scare the law-abiding citizens into not voting for him, in effect trying to steal the election by spreading false and vicious rumors. I guess we were right, but its rather a moot point, because the idiot got elected.

The list of stuff goes on, but I’m not going to bore the readership with the more mundane things that prove, beyond a doubt, that he’s a complete bozo, and an idiot who couldn’t find his behind with both hands and a map, a moron who demeans the office of the Presidency by going on late-night talk shows and yucks it up, laughing as he talks about how much money he’s going to be spending in order to *fix* the broken government that he *inherited*

And you Libs thought Bush was stupid? This guy is infantile. He’s way out of his league, and he may very well be impeached after the 2010 election by the wave of conservatives that will no doubt be swept into office.

And another thing... Shut the Mexico Border down. What is the deal?? Are we trying to spread this illness faster than wildfire?? You know the Mexican people are fleeing their country and running into ours! But Prez says, Duh!

DaBlade said...

YOU had better formulate a rational approach


to national defense


and foreign policy.


RightKlik said...

OOTDAR: Obama can do just about anything he want as long as he has the press wrapped around his finger.

DaBlade: Their hatred for Bush dwarfs their common sense.

Listen To John said...

Nice Lynne, very nice and very typical of you.