Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Questions for Obama Supporters

  • What kind of economy would be best for America?  
                A.  Socialist.
                B.  Communist.
                C.  Fascist.
                D.  Capitalist.
  • Do you think the United States should have a private sector?  If you do, please explain.  If temporary government control of an industry is good, why not make it permanent?  If partial government control of an industry is helpful, why not make it complete?  If government control of one industry is good, why not put government in control of everything?
  • With which parts of the U.S. Constitution do you agree?  Which parts of the constitution would you like to see changed?
  • Obama has stated that he is in favor of tax increases (for reasons of "fairness") even when they result in DECREASES in revenue for the government.  Do you support Obama's thinking on this issue?  What do you know about the Laffer Curve?
  • Do you still believe that Obama will increase the tax burden only for individuals making $250,000 or more per year?  Are you going to hold him to that promise?
  • Liberals support progressive taxation for redistribution of wealth.  With which other Marxist principles do you agree? With which Marxist principles do you disagree?
  • Liberals have consistently opposed voter identification laws aimed at reducing voter fraud.  Why?
  • Many Americans (particularly minorities) say that their children are trapped in failing schools.  Nationwide, 52 percent of parents, and 59 percent of public school parents, support school choice.  87 percent of black parents aged 26-35 and 66.4 percent of blacks aged 18-25 support vouchers.  Liberals consistently oppose school choice.  Why?
  • Obama was asked, "At what point does a baby get human rights?" His response: "...answering that question with specificity, you know, is above my pay grade." Based on his leadership in opposition to the Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act, Obama has demonstrated that he believes that a baby gets human rights at an unspecified time AFTER he or she is born.  My question to liberals: is infanticide acceptable?
  • Is there anything Obama could do to lose your support?  If so, what?


Conservative Black Woman said...

Well, you have once again come up with an excellent list of questions. However I fear you have asked in vain as Obama supporter don't have time to consider such pithy questions. They are too busy protecting "the one" from attacks from right-wing racist extremist. Didn't you get the memo, Rightklik? Is is now politically incorrect to question Barack Obama -- Jeanane Garofalo says so.

Chicago Ray said...

"Obama supporter don't have time to consider such pithy questions." That's so true CBW, and these are fine questions from RK they could nor would ever answer.

They'd have to put their bongs down for a few minutes.

As for Janeane GarafaHo I'd like to see her do 5 minutes in a cage with OJ and Hulk Hogan to teach her a lesson or two.

DaBlade said...

If government control of one industry is good, why not put government in control of everything?Unfortunately, the obama flock would love to see that. The flame must look so pretty to the mindless moths.

Great post rk. These questions cut to the heart of the matter.

Linda said...

Boy, this is a heavy post. I am glad I'm not taking a test on these. Of course, I am not a liberal, and I think you posed these to them. Of course, they probably won't even read them!

This is a scary time for America!

suek said...

Very good questions. I'd change this one:
>With which parts of the U.S. Constitution do you agree? Which parts of the constitution would you like to see changed?>

to "U.S. Constitution and the Amendments... etc.

Good luck in getting answers, though. I've never been able to get Libs to answer _anything_ like that with a straightforward answer.

suek said...


Conservative Black Woman...

You must feel pretty lonely out there...!

HarryO said...

Obama supporters, such as Senator Diane Feinstein, have more important things to do, such as find ways to get the government to give a $25 BILLION dollar bailout to a company that just hired her husband's real estate firm...

Tell me that's not as bad as VP Cheney & Halliburton...OH wait...Cheney RESIGNED from Halliburton before any deals were done between them & the government...

RightKlik said...

CBW: Janeane Garofalo...I generally try to ignore show biz libs.

Will libs consider the questions? As usual, yes. But we have to keep asking the questions. The libs' silence will speak volumes.

CR: JG is just another "useful" idiot.

Dablade: ...why not put government in control of everything? Unfortunately, the obama flock would love to see that.It's time for them to come right out and say it...and to stop pretending that they have any desire for a free market.

Linda: The advantage that Conservatives have is that they can give straight answers to these questions.

Suek: We keep repeating questions of this nature and libs have two choices: answer the questions or answer for their silence.

HarryO: But Pelosi promised to end the "culture of corruption"! What happened with that?

a red voice said...

Very excellent questions for libs and Obama supporters. Unfortunately, I don't think they think that deep - if they did they would realize socialism in the end only brings everyone down. I would love to hear their answers to those questions.

RightKlik said...

Red Voice: We will keep asking these questions and the Leftists will look increasingly suspicious for being unable to provide an honest response.