Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aloha, From Maui!

RightKlik is coming to you today from Maui, enjoying the fruits of hard work and the blessings of a quasi-free market capitalist system.  Too bad capitalism is going out of style.


Cheney: Release interrogation success stories
Following the Obama administration's controversial release of memos that approved of interrogation techniques for terrorism suspects, former Vice President Dick Cheney has called on the White House to make public additional documents that reveal the interrogations yielded crucial results for U.S. national security.

Read this: Are You an ‘Extremist’?


Left Coast Rebel said...

Maui is a great place to visit, have you been before and if so, is it more affordable to visit with the recession?

cube said...

Hello, from beautiful sunny Florida. Enjoy!

Z said...

Have a wonderful time! Gorgeous, isn't it!!! BEAUTIFUL picture!

REAL surprised by that poll!!

RightKlik said...

LCR: No I haven't been here before, but the prices are very reasonable now.

Cube:'s been really nice so far.

Z: An amazing deversity of opinion, huh?

robert verdi said...

its cold and raining on long Island, something tells me Maui might be nicer!

Adrienne said...

RightK - Wow!! - have a great time.

Before we went everyone said the food was so expensive. We found just the opposite. Do they still have those places with insanely low priced early bird all you can eat buffets??

Anyway - we found the whole trip to be very, very affordable.

Im Here To Say It said...

That poll was too

Grandma J said...

I'm so jealous! I love the pacific ocean from all sides, and the sunsets are just as beautiful...and I'm an extremist.

RightKlik said...

RV: Oh it's very nice here. Perfect weather.

Adrienne: haven't tried any of the early bird buffets...that's a very good idea.

IHTSI: JC was #1 in the poll I took before the inauguration, but the results weren't nearly as slanted as they are now:

GJ: ...stress just melts away here.

a red voice said...

Enjoy Maui - wish I were there :) Have a wonderful time.
Good for Cheney to encourage the release of the additional document so Americans can know the truth!!

RightKlik said...

Red: Thanks...
It's very good to see Cheney is still working hard to promote America's best interests.

WomanHonorThyself said...

oooh have fun dude!!:)

RightKlik said...

WHT: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey Right Klik,

Glad to see you made it to Maui. Despite the claim of some that Hawaii is as far left as you can be and still be in the U.S., we Mauians have an active and fast-growing conservative movement. Next time you or members of your team are on Maui, drop me a line.

Teamwork, teamwork, teamwork.

We've got a nation to save.

God Bless America!

Marc Hodges
Maui Tea Party

RightKlik said...

Thanks Mark for visiting. Congratulations on organizing a tea party in Maui!

I had a great time in Maui. Driving the road to Hana, I couldn't help wondering if conservative reform would help with economic development in that area.

I hope I can see Maui again soon.