Sunday, April 19, 2009

Obama & Friends Playing Dumb?

A question for Obama's top advisor: What do you make of this spreading and very public disaffection with not only the government, but especially the Obama administration, the TEA parties this week?

Axelrod's Response: I think any time that you have severe economic conditions, there is always an element of disaffection that can mutate into something that's unhealthy.

Follow up question: The tea parties were unhealthy?

Axelrod's Response: Well, this is a country where we value our liberties and our ability to express ourselves. And so far these are expressions.  The thing that bewilders me is this president just cut taxes for 95 percent of the American people. So I think the tea bags should be directed elsewhere, because he certainly understands the burden that people face.


So we're supposed to get excited about Obama's $8-per-week income redistribution scheme?  $8 will barely pay for a gallon of gas by the end of the Obama administration.  

Are Obama and Axelrod really so clueless?  Are they really so profoundly out of touch with what the Tea Parties are about? 

Government is becoming bigger and more belligerent every single day.  The Federal Government commandeers a greater portion of the fruits of our labor every time we turn around.  We're mortgaging our future so we can provide financial rewards for special interest groups and buy votes for Obama and his Democrat cronies. Reshuffling an average of $8 isn't going to address these concerns.  

The Tea Party crowd hasn't been fooled by Obama's despicable shell game.  We know that it will mutate into something very dangerous.


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Read This — MSM's Tea Party Cognitive Dissonance:

Many posed the questions, during their Tea Party coverage, "Why all this anger now?  Why are these people protesting now, when they weren't out in the streets during GW's eight years?"

Why indeed.  The ordinary American  normally quite-silent majority — will take an awful lot of malfeasance and wasteful spending from our federal government.  Most of the time, we are just too darned busy to protest anything.  We are not getting paid to protest, unlike the anti-war and anti-poverty protesters our media covers in never-ending flurries of fury.  We don't get federal tax dollars to protest, as does ACORN, and we have no sugar-daddy like Soros paying us stipends to lend a deceitful public-protest face to his personal views.

We're the productive class, the vast middle.  We're busy living our own lives, busy building the businesses and earning our livings, busy raising our children and doing the host of volunteer services that infuse life into our Churches, Synagogues and civic organizations. We're the citizens doing the lion's share of those things which have made America the great and exceptional Nation she has been for the past 2-1/3 centuries.


Adrienne said...

Just wait until cap and trade hits. Weasels!!

robert verdi said...

no, we weren't fooled by the shell game and their lies will come back to haunt them.

Linda said...

Their lies will come back to haunt all of us! Our president and his cabinet are irresponsible!

Do you ever wonder what they talk about around their dinner tables?

What does Nancy Pelosi talk to her kids about? Does she tell them that they are never going to be out of debt? What about HER grand kids? I wonder?

RightKlik said...

Adrienne: I hope we don't just wait.

RV: I hope they're feeling the pressure.

Linda: They probably think they can game the system to their grandchildren's advantage.

DaBlade said...

But according to the MSM, Obama is slashing spending! He is demanding that everyone look for nickels in their seat cushions in hopes you'll forget about the few trillions he's pouring down the drain.

Adrienne said...

RK - since you don't have your contact info listed (at least where I can find it), if you have a spare moment (ha) could you email me?

And no - I'm not a crazy stalker chic...

adrienne at icehouse dot net

WomanHonorThyself said...

Are Obama and Axelrod really so clueless? a word: YES!!

Danny said...

The problem here is that Barry is still campaigning, for 2012. Is main goal is to get the econmy looking decent by 2011, when campaigning starts, than ride that into re-elecetion. He does not care one bit about middle class tax breaks, the real damage to this country will be in the second term, when he doesn't have to run again. The tea parties were a success becuase people like Axelrod pretend not to know anything about the, I had friends in other countries asking me if I was attending them. We just need to keep the pressure on, I don't care if your on the left or right, this is not good for anyone, he is tearing our country apart.

JaneLovesJesus said...

The "you can't criticize us because we gave you a tax cut" is exactly the pseudo-logic the CNN babe tried to use at the Chicago TeaParty.
Pardon the analogy, but it amounts to a rapist tossing money at his victim afterward & claiming they are now even.
I use this disgusting example because that is what our administration thinks of us. They view us as whores who will gladly take it as long as a few crumbs of stimulus bucks get thrown our way. Just wait until 2010 when the bulk of the money will be spent.
We are not prostitutes, we are American citizens. And you do not get to roll us by throwing a few dollars (which, incidentally, you TOOK FROM US) our way.

suek said...

"Why all this anger now? Why are these people protesting now, when they weren't out in the streets during GW's eight years?"

Because, Dummy, it takes a while for water to boil. Even if you turn the gas on high - it takes a while. Bush turned on the flame, but Obama turned it up to high, and the water was already hot...!

Anonymous said...

The TEA parties have them and libs in general very worried. What is needed are numbers the likes of which haven't been seen before. On July 4, we need to fill the streets.

The media were finally unable to completely ignore the trees falling in the forest on April 15. I've never protested anything before in my life, yet I was motivated to leave work early and drive 20 miles through rush-hour traffic to get to a TEA party. Everyone else I spoke to had likewise never protested anything before in their lives.

Yes, the MSM's wilfull distortions of our motives are irritating as hell, but we'll have the last laugh by sheer numbers. Let's give them a collective shout of "Timber!" when the redwoods of protest come crashing down in the millions on July 4.

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: What? There aren't enough nickels and dimes in the cushions to pay all the bills? Guess we'll have to raise taxes! Too bad.

WHT: Yes, but not quite as stupid as they're pretending to be I suspect.

Danny: I agree with all your points. The longer we leave Obama in power, the more irreparable damage he will do. But I wouldn't rule out a third term.

We have to keep the pressure on, and turn it up. Stay angry...there's a lot to be angry about.

JLJ: I think your analogy is very good. Throwing $8 in our faces only adds insult to injury.

Suek: ...and at least Bush left [some of] us with the impression that he actually believed in America, wanted all Americans to succeed and was serious about protecting America from foreign threats.

Liberals find it convenient to ignore the fact that Bush DID pay a price for his spendthrift ways! His abysmal approval ratings were a reflection not only of liberal discontent, but also of conservatives' disappointment with Republicans' out of control spending.

Anon: I agree...the tea party protests were unprecedented. I suspect Obama fully understands that. They're just hoping the phenomenon will fizzle out.

I think it will grow. We're fed up.

The Atlanta Tea Party of April 15 was my first protest too. I'm not inclined to participate in that kind of thing. When I was at the Tea Party I was surrounded not by kooks who had nothing better to do with their time, but by people like me... busy hardworking people for whom protest is an option of last resort.

a red voice said...

Great article/post - I fully agree. Obama's tearing our country apart. And we patriots need to keep up the good fight and keep protesting (contacting our reps, etc.). I have never protested before in my life either nor have contacted my senators/reps as many times as I have in the last 100 days. (& like you, at the tea party -I was surrounded with everyday people just like myself).
They'll (the libs) try to ignore us - but I agree we must keep the pressure on!!

RightKlik said...

Red Voice: It's gotten to the point that the people in Washington think they don't answer to us anymore.