Friday, April 3, 2009

Food for Thought

From the Wall Street Journal

How to anticipate what Obama is likely to do next:
  • What will give Obama more power?
  • What will help more democrats to get elected in 2010?
  • Will it help Obama hang on to approximately 50% of the vote in 2012?
  • Does it increase the power of the federal government?
  • Will it increase revenue to democratic and leftist organizations?
  • Does it favor collectivism over individualism?
  • Is it consistent with internationalist principles?
  • Bottom line: Will it contribute to Obama's quest for power, directly or indirectly?
Skeptical?  Want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt?  I challenge you to provide one example of a decision that Obama has made that does not fit within this framework.


Obama's first tax increase...

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The Soros Doctrine in Obama Foreign Policy

Journey to The Center of Obama's Mind
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robert verdi said...

its not sustainable and they will increase taxes for the time being, but even that won't be enough.

DaBlade said...

I fear he will be successful in getting the 22nd amendment repealed and he will continue to haunt us past the current two term limit. He'll use the Hugo Chavez Venezuelan model. That line on your graph can go vertical yet.

Opus #6 said...

We live in frightening times.

Opus #6 said...

We live in frightening times.

suek said...

Opus #6...

I suspect you didn't intend to double post...

But your thought is one worth repeating!

RightKlik said...

RV: Their greed will never be satisfied

DaBlade: It's hard to see any way around it. In 2016 Obama will only be 55 years old. He'll still be good for another 20 years or so. He's not just going to stand around and fade int

Opus #6: It will probably get much worse before it gets better.

Suek: worth repeating...absolutely. America is still in a stupor.

Anonymous said...

The graph is scary but unfortunately true.

Christopher Hamilton
The Right Opinion, for the Right Wing

Always On Watch said...

From the article about the Soros doctrine:

President Obama is rapidly replacing the Bush Doctrine with the Soros Doctrine, implementing the foreign policy tenets of the principal financier of the American left.

Remember this old proverb: "He who pays the piper calls the tune."

The powers of the purse strings, i.e., financial control, are the essence of power.

The left is moving fast and hard. Is it too late to turn back this tide? I'm thinking that it is. Depressing.

RightKlik said...

CH: We're in trouble unless we make drastic changes.

AOW: To late to turn back? Not quite. But it will take hard work and sacrifice to make the necessary changes.

Always On Watch said...

In my view, 2010 may be our final chance to stop the roll of socialism here in America.

Unfortunately, I see many conservatives licking their wounds and frozen into inaction. Furthermore, the Republican Party seems unsure of its conservative principles.

RightKlik said...

AOW: I agree, we don't have any time to waste. As conservatives, we need not only to reaffirm our values, but we need to clearly define what it means to be a good conservative leader. The bar has been dropped too low.

There aren't many in Washington who would measure up to the standards I would put forth, but there are some.

Now is the time to identify the candidates who can rise to the occasion.

The Keeper Of Odd Knowledge (KOOK) said...

Agree completely. How do we identify them, and once identified how do we communicate that so that we can all vote for them?

Love the blog

Z said...


last year, we had America.

RightKlik said...

KOOK: "How do we identify them, and once identified how do we communicate that so that we can all vote for them?"

That's a big question. We all have to put a lot of thought into that. I think it will be the subject of a blog post in the next 2-3 days. Things like ACU ratings can be a rough guide.

More importantly, we need to insist on leaders who are thinking about the long term, not just the next election. A good leader occasionally makes decisions that might hurt him/her politically in the short term.

A good leader has experience and a track record of putting his constituents interests ahead of his personal interests and ahead of his party's short term interests.

A good leader has a history of making costly personal sacrifices.

We need to look for leaders who don't just tell us what they think we want to hear.

Z: There was a leadership vacuum. Obama jumped in to fill it.