Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Government-Run Health Care: A Sensible Idea

I think government-run health care is a fantastic idea. One obnoxious bully making life-or-death decisions for 300 million people — simply brilliant! 

Imagine putting the brains behind modern miracles such as the USPS, the DMV, the IRS and the VA in charge of a colossal new health-care delivery system.  What could possibly go wrong?

Administrative success?  Our Federal Government frequently loses sensitive records, has no control of the border, and spends hundreds of dollars for a single toilet seat.  People skills?  Uncle Sam rewards failure, punishes success, and discriminates on the basis of race, gender and political affiliation.  We love this! 

So let's give Washington your medical records, and let them decide whether or not your kid gets that expensive new antibiotic he needs (and if they do approve, we'll let them decide whether you're going to pay twice as much for it as your irresponsible pot-smoking neighbor who's having trouble keeping up with his mortgage payments.)

Like the idea of subsidizing your neighbor's bad decisions?  You'll love the government takeover of the health care sector!  You'll be given the mandatory opportunity to subsidize care for all the illnesses that come as consequences of sloth, gluttony, lust, rage, procrastination and stupidity.  

You'll come to appreciate the superiority of Marxist notions of fairness like never before.  Decisions about health care resources will be made not on the basis of what is best for the health and vitality of the patient, but on the basis of what brings health to special interest groups and vitality to politicians.

Obamacare will be the expensive, low quality, inefficient health care rationing system you've been dreaming about for years.

You say you want government-run health care?  Ignorance is bliss...for now.


Dr. Obama, can I take my medicine now?
Democrats are now considering bypassing the traditional legislative process so that Republicans would not be able to mount a filibuster

Obama's Health Care Plan Will Require Rationing
Obama, the consummate politician, knows to offer the candy (universality) today before serving the spinach (rationing) tomorrow.

Shortage of Doctors an Obstacle to Obama Goals
Obamacare will make the shortage even worse.  The shortage that exists now is a direct result of distortions in the market created by government.

Democrats reach tentative deal to ram their health care scheme down our throats.  Will anyone read the Obamacare Bill?


robert verdi said...

They will do as a good job for health care as they did for the auto industry

TheCapitalist said...

...or with such fine efficiency and care as they have medicaid, medicare, social insecurity, fannie, freddie (quasi-gov't), HUD, etc.

The government has never ran a successful enterprise, but what the hell, let's give them our health care. Maybe there is a first time for everything, right?


My Blog said...

Congrats on a wonderful blog.

Chicago Ray said...

Take it from a man with MS who also has all the health coverage he needs and wants;

This plan is a cluster^%$# waiting to happen and every single doctor I know and deal with, some of America's best Neurologists, absolutely abhor this plan and are entirely against it.

So the liberals once again decide for the people who are in the fire(ie me an my doctors)what's best for me without asking a single question how to put it out..

HarryO said...

This is the same government that thinks its a good thing to fly a large jet over NEW YORK CITY at a low altitude.

This is the same government that has given BILLIONS of dollars to companies that are still going to fail.

This is the same government that can't figure out how to count votes in Minnesota for a Senate race.

And they want to run health care? God help us all.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks the govenment will seriouly provide us with quality health care needs to take a good look at the VA. Thousands of veterans were tested when it was discovered that contaminated equipment was used for colonoscopies at VA hospitals. Miami VA tests find 7 cases of hepatitis C, 1 HIV.
So far, at least 13 patients who received colonoscopies at the hospital in Murfreesboro, TN over the past six years have tested positive for a virus — HIV — or hepatitis. The VA response: catching a virus from the hospital's equipment, is "exceptionally low." Hummm. Not low enough for me.

Chicago Ray said...

"Hummm. Not low enough for me." me either

DaBlade said...

Obamacare in this country would be an epic disaster. Doesn't look like there is any way this can be stopped.

cube said...

This is train wreck about to happen and the liberals are in control of the trains.

I don't think there's anyway to stop this short of Americans taking to the street en masse, but I fear that there are just too many who are in it for the free stuff and haven't thought about the consequences.

RightKlik said...

RV: Exactly...they'll kill it.

Capitalist: My advice to everybody: stay healthy.

MyBlog: Thanks.

CR: Unfortunately there are many physicians who support Obama and his stupid plans.

HarryO: Yes..that's a prime example. They spent $300,000 on that stunt... UN~be~FREAKING~lievable!

Anon: Another great example. Government will provide you with lousy [even deadly] health care and tell you that it's wonderful.

DaBlade: No way to stop it? I'd like to think you're wrong, but you are probably right.

Cube: Haven't you been told? Obama is here to provide us a life without consequences.