Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time to Say No

Saying no at the right time saves lives…saying no at the right time saves liberty:

This makes me want to move to Oklahoma.


Michelle Malkin: Sen. Tom Coburn's rousing defense of the “Party of No”

Liberal Olbermann: I’ll go to jail before I comply with health-insurance mandate…

Awesome: MoveOn comes out against ObamaCare.

Senate Democrats threaten to hold health-care vote on Christmas.

Another sneaky Saturday in the Senate

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the malcontent said...

Ben Nelson says he'll back health care bill, giving Democrats enough votes for passage Of This Crap Sandwich Bill. What an absolute joke. The worst type of whore imaginable. BEN NELSON Sold his vote and abandons his integrity.
There are no decent words in the English language to describe you self serving, lower than reptiles, scum.
You have betrayed your country, your citzenry, your constituents and your own families.

Have you no shame? Have you no balls?
This is a prime example why we must vote ALL of these sleazy people out of office next year..
Sleep well senator.

Opus #6 said...

Cooperating with evil is no virtue.

BTW, how is your little angel. Enjoying baby's first Christmas?

RightKlik said...

TM: They really don't have any shame at all. They ignore our opinions anyway.

O6: Baby's doing very well, thanks for asking. We're having a great Christmastime. Will be posting more pictures on Christmas. Hope you enjoy Christmas with your family.