Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama and The Fat Cats

In less than a year, we're back to square one.

Just a few days after ascending the throne, still coasting on the momentum of his campaign, Obama signed a massive bailout bill into law.

At about the same time, Obama chose to go to war with Wall Street fat cats. The time was right. Fearing that the economy was sinking like the Titanic, America was ready to take the fat cats down.

Riding on that wave of populist angst, Obama punished financial industry executives, many of whom were simply cleaning up a mess not of their own making. The move was a semi-successful attempt to distract the angry mob from the notion that Obama & Friends were saving the skins of the very same scoundrels who were thought to have been responsible for trashing the economy in the first place.

With the lukewarm success of his early scapegoating, Obama moved on to an alphabet soup of fall guys: America, Bush, Cambridge Police, Doctors, Fox News, the GOP, Israel, Kanye West, Limbaugh, Media Coverage, the New York Times, Scare Tactics, Tea Parties, Victory, etc.

Now, less than a year into his rule, Obama is right back where he started: criticizing successful, law-abiding members of the financial industry. "I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street," Obama said in an interview on CBS's "60 Minutes" program on Sunday. (Judging from the results of his first year in office, Obama did not run for office to help anyone.)

At this point, Obama has become well acquainted with the law of diminishing returns. Ever since the White House called on Americans to turn on each other in the fishy email initiative, White House stigmatization has lost its political potency. In fact, for some, feuding with Obama became quite profitable.

If you haven't been called out by Obama yet, be patient. He'll probably get to you at some point in the next 3-7 years.

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Teresa said...

Obama is on a continuous blame campaign.

I am not for bailouts but Wallstreet was NOT responsible for the financial meltdown (for the most part). It was Carter, Clinton's Reinvestment Act, and the likes of ACORN and their ilk who threatened CEO's of banks and forced them to give out risky loans, when in fact the bankers did not want to give out those risky loans. I am sure some CEO's were greedy but not most.

I just hate Obama blaming others instead of taking responsibility for his actions.

Proof said...

" He'll probably get to you at some point in the next 3-7 years."

Seven years? Hopefully, the last four of those he'll be co-writing his next memoir with Bill Ayers!

the malcontent said...

Think about it this way, just which democrats might we be considering? How many democrats voted with Republicans lately, or even in the Bush administration?


Yeah, thought so. They don't exist.
Good blog by the way..

the malcontent said...

It's always fun watching stupid Liberals paint themselves into a corner. The funny thing is, all the barking moonbats on the left told us this Obama persons IQ was off the charts, they don't know what it is, because like everything else Obama, there is no proving paper trail, but they just know it's off the charts. Unlike Sarah Palin who they say is an absolute dunce. Well at least I know now who "THEY" are and can ignore them because "THEY" wouldn't know their a.. if they grabbed it with both hands

RightKlik said...

Teresa: "Wallstreet was NOT responsible for the financial meltdown."

I agree, your assessment is 100% correct. And if the bankers had broken any laws, wouldn't they be in jail by now (or at least in court)?

Proof: I hope so too. But who's going to take Obama down in 2012?

TM: Thanks.

I've seen no evidence that Obama is an especially bright president.

Amusing Bunni said...

What a contemptible hypocrite, Right Klik.
He and his cabinet and czars are the very DEFINITION of Fat Cats!

Obama is a mental and moral midget. By the time he's done destroying America, the Repubs. could run bozo the clown and he'll beat this poser.