Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Heads Up: Nikki Haley

There are few conservative bloggers whose viewpoints are as important as Erick Erickson's. In anticipating the most important political stories, Erickson is often light-years ahead of the pack. Example: Erickson, a conservative from Georgia, was regularly blogging about Doug Hoffman and NY-23 in July.

Now, Erickson draws our attention to a rising star in South Carolina:

I want to make sure you all knew that Jenny Sanford, wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, has endorsed Nikki Haley for Governor.

This is a big deal in the Palmetto State. Jenny Sanford has long been viewed apart from her husband as solidly conservative, both fiscally and socially. It’s not just that Jenny Sanford is instinctually conservative, but she is truly a conservative — unashamed to be in the trenches, getting her hands dirty, fighting for the conservative cause without apology.

In an open letter to South Carolina voters, Mrs. Sanford says, “Our state’s future is too important to leave to just another go-along-get-along career politician. Nikki Haley is the best person to be South Carolina’s next Governor.”

Nikki Haley in 2010. Pay attention to this one. Learn more here, here, here, here and here.

Erickson: "I don’t care which state you are in. We need to support the good guys nationwide where their election will impact conservatives across the board."



Teresa said...

Nikki seems like a responsible, ethical, fiscal conservative who would be an asset to South Carolina. I hope she wins the Governor's seat in SC.

Z said...

Haley for President!

RightKlik said...

Teresa: Could go further than that someday.

Z: I little time in the Governor's mansion, and I think she'll be ready.

WorkingTommyC said...

Nikki told me that she's not going for anything once she's done with being governor. She did assure me that she will always be active in getting good people to run for office--something we really need.

I'm hoping she'll change her mind, however. =:>)

We really need EVERYONE'S help getting her more attention in order to overcome the millions of dollars other candidates have accrued as career politicians.

Please, even if it's just a few dollars, go to her site http://www.nikkihaley.com/ and donate.

I'm working poor, myself--NOT a political "player" and not a member of her campaign--and managed to scrimp and save and sent several hundred dollars. That's how much I believe in her candidacy.

Nikki Haley is definitely one of us regular folks who was outraged at what she saw going on in our state government. I imagine she saw the pigs feeding at the trough.

She, however, didn't line up to get hers. She actually DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

She is the ONLY one running who is not a good ol' boy, corruption as usual candidate. She is the ONLY candidate who has a RECORD of reform.

And we need it. Things are bad here. We need and are pushing for full transparency in every aspect of our government. BOTH parties here are full of corrupt members in the statehouse.

We in South Carolina have been beat up continually in the press. Gov. Sanford's throwing himself under the bus with his bad behavior was just one of the most recent straws on the camel's back. (And though of sound political philosophies, he's been unforgivably LAZY in pursuing them.)

We desperately need REAL reform in this state. Nikki Haley is it.