Saturday, December 19, 2009

ObamaCare in, Liberty Out

Harry Reid bought his 60th vote from Ben Nelson with some preferential treatment for Nebraska (a few hundred million dollars over three years). Apparently, the bribe somehow changed Nelson's deeply held views on the issue of abortion.

Here's the greatly anticipated managers amendment. You should read it, your senator probably won't.


As predicted...
Nelson: “I reserve the right to vote against the next cloture vote if there are material changes.” But they won't need his that point, they only need 51, not 60.

It's all but a done deal.

Healthcare Scam Moves Forward

Democrats win the prize: vastly expanded federal control over health care.

Nelson Bought Off, 49 States to Pay for Concessions for Nebraska

Good luck paying for ObamaCare. Not only have we already spent all our own money, we've spent everybody else’s, too.

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Anonymous said...

Sen. Bill Nelson (D) (202) 224-5274; 228-2183

Give him a call I did.

Here is a complete list of all the US Senate.

the malcontent said...

This is not an American government. This is a group of power hungry, money hungry thugs who have taken over the reins of power for their personal aggrandizement and enrichment. With OUR money they have bought the whore/traitors.
I wonder how it feels to sell your soul to the devil Ben!
We must drive them out.

Whatever it takes, we must drive these SOB'S out and take back our country.

Snarky Basterd said...

My anger is burning ever so slowly today...

robert verdi said...

You know, I remember the post you did on Obama opposing mandates, and now they are the center of his legislative agenda. Its almost as if you can't trust him.

jadedfellow said...

Dear Right Klik,

Mind if I intrude for a brief interlude?

I have concluded the spirit of Judas has returned in legion form and is inhabiting the swine of Washington.

Bout time we cast a bunch of devils out.

I ain't Pentalcostal (they are some fine people tho), but those folks know how to stir up a ruckess, we could probably learn something from them.

angerilly yours



I've had my share of bad days but this has gotta be in the top ten for sure.

RightKlik said...

RG: Keep attacking from every angle.

TM: "This is not an American government" I agree. This is illegitimate government. It's almost time for a revolt.

SB: You're among many.

RV: Pure power grab. No other goals, no principles.

JF: When will we stand up to these people? The time for saber rattling has past. We need to put an end to all this before it gets really ugly.

jadedfellow said...

Dear R-K,

I ain't no preacher and assuredly need more counciling than most, but there a couple of things I do know and will pass on.

In wars that have been fought from times past, those who have surrendered their spirit/morale lose hands down.



Shit, I know it looks bad and some are scrambling to find the proverbial towel to toss in submission, but we can't go down from a few sucker punches. I wear my crooked nose, cauliflower ears and assorted scars proudly and when folks ask "what the hell happened to you", I say, well now I had me sum things that were purdy durn important and I was willing to take a punch for awhile as I regrouped.

Folks need reassurance when they feel trapped or vulnerable so a pep talk and examples sometimes can make warriors out of the timid. Your blog site, coupled with your audience is a valuable weapon in our arsenal, we have fellow troops to rally around that can provide moral support when the battle looks bleak. Yur doing purdy good so keep up the clicking, you are touching many.


I've watched me a mess of them war movies, yeah I sit still at times, over the years, "Patton", "Full Metal Jacket", "D-Day", "Glory" (I really like that Freeman guy), "Three Kings" and "Kelly's Heros (Okay that one don't work here but it was funny). The common theme I've gleaned is, "Yah Gotta get the high ground" to win.

Sometimes it's physical. Sometimes it's moral.
Sometimes it is spiritual.
Sometimes it is I'm pissed.

But it is always the high ground.

I figger we got three of the four down patt. The spiritual, for me, is for God to decide and I ain't gonna tell Him what he should do.

So a .750 batting average would keep us in the big leagues for a hall of fame career from the way I got it figgered.

Sometimes when we need the winning run to cross the plate, we bunt to get on, steal a base, hope for a Texas leaguer and then that beautiful, deep center flyball, sacrifices the winning run home.

Hank, Willie and Mickey don't play no more so we just gotta play us some small ball for a while.

hopefully helpingly yours,


RightKlik said...

jadedfellow: Thank you.

I'm concerned about timid and discouraged troops. Even more than that, I'm concerned about the ones who are asleep.

jadedfellow said...

Hey Right Guy,

Have hope!

The Obozo squadron is starting to set off a whole bunch of air raid sirens.

Not too many folks can sleep thru that piercing scream. If they do sleep thru it, they are either Acorn or the SEIU and we really don't need them to survive this bomb of an administration.

Gonna take time, Rome wasn't tore down in a day, so we just do what we can.

One more thought and I will leave you to your own best devices.

I ain't one of those "religious type fellas", but I know for a fact that THE GOD gave us eight fingers for a reason. We use six to cross, so we remember Calvary and the hope that he provided. (Yeah I really respect that sacrifice thing.)

The other two?

Well cripes, God let us figger out how to make keyboards, didn't he?

Keepyourchinupishly yours,


jadedfellow said...


If your stick don't float on the God's creek concept.

No worries, it ain't for me to judge.

Qualifyingly yours,


I ToldJah So said...

The Democratic Party died this year thanks to Barack Obama.

The Leftist Party is now the oppressive party in America and that party could give a crap less about babies.

Live babies or dead babies (many members of Leftist Party prefer dead babies) will not stand in the way of Obama's transformation of America.

Come hell or high water, the devil himself Barack Hussein Obama is going to eff up this country up by spreading the wealth to those who don't deserve it by taking from those who have worked their entire lives. Damned be those who thought success meant bringing a paycheck home to pay for their and their families' needs.

But in the end and I can't say how or when, we will put that SOB into the anals of history as the guy who THOUGHT he could transform America but the TRUE American people will transform it back to what our Founders wanted for ALL OF US.

Just a conservative girl said...

yep, it is over. We put up the best fight we could, but it was not enough.

There is another rally at Senator Webb's office on Wednesday. I am not sure I am going to go since it won't do any good. I saw on CNN a little while ago he has confirmed that he is voting for it, even though he is "disppointed" in the bill. What kind of sense does that make?

I sent him a letter telling him that I am upset he didn't whore himself out like Mary and Ben. Why does my state have to pick up thier tab? Utterly amazing.

Janie Lynn said...

It doesn't seem right that the Nebraska/Medicaid deal isn't illegal. Seriously. If something like that went on in the private sector there would be regulators all over it. Just sickening.

RightKlik said...

jadedfellow: We'll keep fighting hard...even if the odds look terrible.

ITS: This is nothing more than a short-sighted, unprincipled power grab. History will not be kind to Obama. He'll probably be a footnote.

JCG: We'll it looks that way, but we're not quite there. I do hope you'll go to the rally. We have to continue making our voices matter what happens.

JL: It's truly scandalous.

jadedfellow said...

Dear Right Klik,

Charge! I'm with ya.