Thursday, December 31, 2009

Martha Coakley is Wicked

Martha Coakley is wicked. And I'm not using "wicked" in the New Englander's complementary sense of the word.

As Ann Coulter notes, "Martha Coakley [is] too immoral for Teddy Kennedy's seat." You don't have to be a hyper-partisan right-wing pundit in order to come to that conclusion. Hyper-partisan left-wing pundits know it's true, too.

Here's what the liberals at Daily Kos think:

Coakley is a careerist and supported her two former bosses in the Middlesex DA's office as they ran for governor—Scott Harshbarger and Tom Reilly, who was clearly the least progressive candidate in the last Dem primary for governor.

Far more damning is her continued support of Harshbarger and Reilly's involvement in one of the worst cases of child sexual abuse hysteria of the '80s—the Fells Acres case. A mother and two adult children (Violet and Cheryl and Gerald Amirault) were convicted and sent to prison for very lengthy sentences (Gerald served 18 years) on the basis of vigorously coached and outlandish testimony from children. Harshbarger and Reilly sacrificed children (by implanting "memories") and the Amirault family for their political ambitions, even long after the nation recognized the hysteria involved in most of the allegations of sexual abuse in daycare centers.

The poor kids in this scandal were unwitting pawns in one of the most insane witch hunts in the history of Massachusetts.

Supposedly Gerald dressed up as a clown and assaulted the children in a secret or magic room. Some children claimed to be sodomized with two foot knives and lobsters. Some of the acts allegedly took place on the front lawn in full view of the highway.

John Stossel documented the depraved quest for power and money in this short video.

To make a long story short, Coakley allowed her ambition to trump human decency as she did everything in her power to keep an innocent man in prison for several years. Unfortunately, Coakley succeeded, and she built her career on this grave injustice.

Here's a great quote that sums up the whole affair rather well:

"If Senator Edward Kennedy was a lion in the cause of justice, and there is some debate about that, then Martha Coakley is a barn cat whose actions are based on primitive instinctual forces of political survival and savagery. Her lack of a sense of what constitutes justice and injustice makes Martha Coakley unfit to be a United States senator, particularly considering she would be filling Ted Kennedy's shoes."

No wonder Coakley is ducking debates and hiding in the shadows.


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Fuzzy Slippers said...

The idea of that woman taking any seat in Congress chills me to the bone. That I live in Mass and may have to watch that happens makes me feel physically ill. Getting Scott Brown elected is vital to us--he'd take that 60th vote the Senate so desperately needs and kill Obamacare, for one thing, and for another, Coakley is beyond words evil.

DaBlade said...

Martha Coakley not fit to be Teddy's passenger in his sinking automobile?

WomanHonorThyself said...

oish more corruption..argg! HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIEND!!!

the malcontent said...

Have a great and happy healthy New Year my friend..

Anonymous said...

I actually believe there are child molesters with more ethics than her. Massachusetts, again, will get exactly the kind of representation they want.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

Nickie, there are good people in this state, and there are a lot of indies here (more registered indies than dems!). "The people" here, though, have that same dismissive attitude you have about Mass. They think that they can't make a difference because they think that the state is overwhelmingly blue. That's no excuse not to fight back, not to vote, but let's not forget that there are American patriots in Massachusetts, just as there are in every other state of this union.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas Day Bomber terror attack attempt is nothing short of chilling.
This idiotic imbecile over at Progressive Eruptions writes about “The Same Old Washington Blame Game” And then goes on to “Blame George Bush and Dick Cheney for everything going on TODAY including the Christmas day Bomber. How freaken blind can one Old Lady possibly be? Mr. Dingbat-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama. He has screwed up this country more than Tiger Woods has screwed up his marriage. We should get the Nobel prize for being the most Idiotic Person of the year. The miss handling of the Christmas day Bomber before the fact was the biggest screw-up of the year....And Still the Libtards are blaming George Bush.
Libtards don’t want to kill the messenger. The pantie bomber’s father spoke to the CIA on November 19. It turns out that the whole international organization for screening these people is very shaky. Our State Department is way behind the eight ball and I am not sure just where DHS fits in with airlines flying into the US.

What I do know is that Obambi has been just what Cheney has accused him of being: all milquetoast about confronting terrorism. The CIA has had the rug pulled out from under them and the Gorelick wall has been partially reconstructed. Now we have all sorts of misdirected people running around pointing fingers at each other. And this asswipe blogger is pissed of at Dick Cheney!
Eventually the tap dancing will stop.. unfortunately it looks like US citizens will be lost before that time.. dance Barry dance for now.. your chickens are coming home to roost…. you simpleton! And the blogger that I speak of is a bigger simpleton for buying his crap

Just a conservative girl said...

We get the government we deserve. The reality is this woman won a primary. One of the problems is that too many people in this country don't pay attention at all, they walk into a voting booth and pull a lever without having any idea what they are getting. We have become far too apathetic. That is the real reason we are in the mess we are in. Conservatives blame the dems, the libs blame the republicans. The blame lies with the uniformed voter. What percentage of the voters in MA know this information? I would venture to say it is in the mid teens.

Fuzzy Slippers said...

@ jacg, you're right, we do get the government we deserve, it's just hard to hear/deal with right now when our country is going to hell in a hand basket. *sigh* Probably very few know, but some blame also rests with the media: even citizens who try to be informed are spoonfed socialist progressive propaganda here, just like everywhere else in this country. Yes, we are managing to know more, to find other sources of information, but let's not give up on this country and its people just yet.

Considering that we've sat back while the libs took over not just our government, but our schools as well, it's no wonder that there is no understanding of civics (it's been replaced with books about gay penguins and how dreadful and evil America is).

There's plenty of blame to go around, but we need to rally now and help get things back on track asap!!

Amusing Bunni said...

She even looks evil. This is disgraceful. I sure hope she doesn't get elected. Sadly, if she does, she'll fit right in with all the rest of the vermin.