Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obama's Fearless Critic

The Dow-Jones Industrial Average since the passage of the stimulus bill.

There's one critic Obama can't silenceone critic Obama can't ridicule or intimidate.

There's one critic who will never be afraid to point a finger at Obama and condemn his stupid ideas, and this critic has a very harsh assessmet of Obama's performance.  

Obama's toughest critic is the market.  At this point, there is no question that the market is circling the drain as a result of Obama's plans, policies and propaganda.


The DJIA since the passage of the Spending Bill. 
Looks like a vote of “no confidence” to me.

Upper-Income Taxpayers Look for Ways to Sidestep Obama Tax-Hike Plan
I don’t make enough to put me in the $250K+ bracket that Obama will be targeting. Despite that, I am doing everything I can to lower my tax footprint by maximizing my 401K contributions and perhaps working less overtime at work. I simply do not want to work harder so I can fund these socialist programs that will damage our economy.

I have a friend in Denmark who tells me that workers there don’t especially value pay raises because they’ll lose 70% to taxes. Instead, their preferred bonus is extra vacation time, as the government can’t claim 70% of that (yet).

Me? I’ll probably go back to school and ride out the recession with education entitlements instead of doing anything productive. The best way to fight entitlement programs, after all, is to bleed them dry instead of feeding them.

I wonder if our intrepid social engineers simply don’t understand basic human behavior and the correlation between productivity and quality of life, or if they simply see economic equality as a more noble goal for society than high quality of life.

A Tax Code Based on Fairness?
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said that Obama's budget reflects "a deep moral imperative to make our society more just.  But it's very good economic policy too.  It will mean there is again a fairer, more equitably shared tax burden on the vast majority of Americans." Excuse me, but what in the h*%! is this tax cheat talking about? "More Just?"  Geithner and Obama are absolutely dependent on the ignorance of the American people here.

Lawmaker Wants Barbie Banned in W.Va.
Barbie could get an unwelcome present for her 50th birthday: outlawed in West Virginia.  A state lawmaker proposed a bill Tuesday to ban sales of the iconic Mattel doll and others like her.


Franklin's Locke said...

Not only is this a measure of what he does now but markets look forward in how these policies affect them in the future. So, this measures how he will be doing months down the road, as well. It isn’t looking good for him, especially when people are drastically changing their lives to avoid his new policies.

Anonymous said...

What I love is the example this president sets for children. He takes no responsibility for anything. Most of his rants contain; it was Bush's fault or the banks fault or the Republicans fault or all the bodies under the bus's fault or anybody but my fault. Personal responsibility and accountability would be nice but it is not going to happen with this guy. It's called having character not being a character.

DaBlade said...

RK, your little friends are wrong. They have been affected by the skepticism of a skeptical age. They think that nothing can be which is not comprehensible by their little minds. Yes, RK, there is a Barbie. She exists as certainly as do all of her accessories, from the little Gucci hand bags to the mini red high heels exist in my glove compartment. Alas! how dreary would be the world if there were no S&M Barbie! No Barbie! Thank God! She lives and lives forever. A thousand years from now, RK, nay 10 times 10,000 years from now, she will continue to make glad the heart of DaBlade.

You knew the Barbie ban would interest me, didn't you? NOW IT'S ON!

RightKlik said...

FL: You're right. The market is very pessimistic about the they say, capital is on strike.

M: Dems have an incredibly difficult time with the concept of personal responsibility.

DaBlade: I'm always looking out for my most loyal followers.

Humble wife said...

Great post. I stand by my suggestion that one better prepare, because Obama is on the path of taking our nation into a hole.

Anonymous said...

we need more people to hold his feet to the fire.
We just can not let this monster get his way.

RightKlik said...

HW: I agree, we can't take anything for granted.

AAG: This monster will be held accountable.

-suitepotato- said...

All over the net leftists are busy claiming all this is due to Bush's policies, but the fact of the matter is that the overextended mortgage market issue was brought up to congress all the way back to Clinton, Bush brought it up again after Clinton was ignored and was himself ignored, and then the growing defaults fubar'd the credit situation. A lot of money was tied up in mortgages that was used to play the market. When the mortgage debacle grew, the market skidded even more as the credit tightened.

Almost the perfect storm as they say. HOWEVER, the markets generally respond based on pronouncements from the government and since BO took office, he's managed to do nothing but drive the market lower and lower.

Any entity with cash on hand, read that as more likely foreign interests, will be able to buy into our markets big time right now. When the economy does recover albeit at a slower retarded rate, those who bought in at the bottom are going to profit the most.

I wonder what BO's portfolio is like?

RightKlik said...

SP: "I wonder what BO's portfolio is like?"

VERY good question.

Adrienne said...

About that Barbie ban. Sheesh - I remember when Barbie's first hit the market. I was just a squeak past doll age (yea - I'm that old). I always thought it was a creepy, ugly little doll, and couldn't imagine why any little girl would want one.

But ban it?? Are these people sipping Kool Aid???

RightKlik said...

Adrienne: Are these people sipping Kool Aid???

Kool Aid, yes.

Z said...

Geithner, too..he stays mute because it's "open mouth, drop Dow"...
Gibbs does nothing but destroy people...I'm HIS 'toughest critic!"

OH, and please, don't take away my BARBIE!! Karl Lagerfeld just designed real designer clothes for her. I wish I'd kept MINE!!!

RightKlik said...

Z: "OH, and please, don't take away my BARBIE!!"

Don't you wish politicians would make better use of their time?

suek said...

>>I wonder what BO's portfolio is like?>>

I read an article with a link to Obama's 2007 tax returns (sorry - didn't mark it and have _no_ idea where I found it) and apparently although he and Michelle earned between 2-3 million, they had _no_ stock income of any kind. They had interest income - so apparently savings accounts - but no Schedule D earnings. He doesn't own stocks.

The other little goodie is that he was discussing investing in the stock market a couple of days ago and remarked that it was a good time to invest - that the Profit/Earnings ratios were improving...! Apparently he is ignorant of the fact that a P/E ratio is _price_ (of the stock) to earnings.

We are in ___DEEP___ doodoo.

I banned Barbie in my house too - but that's _my_ job...not the dxxx government's job!

RightKlik said...

Suek: "...remarked that it was a good time to invest - that the Profit/Earnings ratios were improving...!"

He's a colossal idiot who has no business running this country. Everybody would already know that if the Democrat Media had asked him a few tough questions before the election.

suek said...

And that's not all...

And I just _had_ to pass this one along...

RightKlik said...

Suek: thanks for the links

Anonymous said...

As usual, there is only one response to critics of Obama (who are, for the most part sore-losing Republicans). That response is: George W. Bush.

The market dropped from 8200 to 7000 (it's over 7k as of right now). That's 1200. wow.

What about from the peak, 14,000 to 8200, which, according to your graph here, is the drop the market fell during the reign, I mean, presidency of W.

Naysayers will always be naysayers. If you were comfy and cozy then you wouldn't be complaining. Now you're experience the fallout of the Bush Dynasty -- please quit your whining and take responsibility for your own voting blunders from eight years ago.

Jessica said...


1. Your assumption about who I voted for 8 years ago is absolutely wrong.

2. Obama ran for president knowing the challenges he would inherit. His job is to improve the situation, not to make excuses, not to explain to us how hard his work is, not to preach gloom and doom and certainly not to make the situation worse.