Monday, March 23, 2009

Obama Throws Warren Buffett Under The Bus

Non-surprise of the day: Warren Buffett gets thrown under the Obamabus.  It's very sad, because Obama and Buffett were once dear friends...

Buffett and Obama became fast friends when they first met in 2005.  "I've got a conviction about him that I don't get very often," he told the Tribune at the time. "He has as much potential as anyone I've seen to have an important impact over his lifetime on the course that America takes."

Buffett endorsed Obama, and in turn, Obama anointed Buffett as one of his top economic advisers and showered him with praise:

"Not only am I a less successful investor, but my jokes aren't as funny," Obama said, later calling Buffett "an example of what's best in this country."

While Obamaphiles bemoan the thought of the rich getting richer, they were quite proud that the world's richest person was one of their own.  They hit him with every kind of flattery they could think of:
After Obama was elected, Buffett was giddy:

"He's the absolute right commander in chief. That you know, that's another thing the American people seem to do, occasionally, is that we elect people that are right for the times. You know, whether it was Lincoln, Roosevelt. And I would say Obama you couldn't have anybody better in charge." 

"Well, he's smart, he's got the right values, but he also he understands economics very well. He's cool. He's analytical. But then, when he gets it all thought through, and he's fast he can convey to the American people what needs to be done. Not to expect miracles. That it's gonna take time. But that we're gonna get to the other end. And I don't think there's anybody better for the job than the president-elect." 

"He'll use his team, he'll use them very effectively. He'll synthesize, he'll analyze. But, in the end, it'll be his decision."

That was then.  Now that he's lost several billion dollars in the Obama economy, our shining example of what's best in this country has some tough words for his commander in chief:

"If you're in a war, and we really are in an economic war, there's a obligation to the majority to behave in ways to not go around inflaming the minority. If on Dec. 8, or maybe it was Dec. 7, when Roosevelt convened Congress to vote on the war. He didn't say, ‘I'm throwing in about ten of my pet projects,'" Buffett said.

Taking aim at one such issue, interviewer Joe Kernen replied: "You might not have fixed global warming the day after - the day after D-Day, Warren."

"Absolutely," Buffett declared. He also told Kernen that the Republicans should provide general support for the administration, but that the Democrats should not be pushing "contentious" policies that are not related to solving the nation's economic woes.

"Job one is to win the economic war. Job two is to win the economic war and job three...and you can't expect people to unite behind you if you're trying to jam a whole bunch of things down their throats. So I would absolutely say, for the interim until we get this one solved, I would not be pushing a lot of things that, that you know are contentious."


On Sunday, on 60 Minutes, Obama returned the fire:

Steve Kroft:
Your Treasury Secretary's plan... Geithner's plan, and your plan really for solving the banking crisis was met with very, very, very tepid response... I know you're coming out with something next week on this. But these criticisms were coming from people like Warren Buffett, people who had supported you, and you had counted as being your

And and and and Warren still does support me. But I think that, understand Warren's also a big player in the financial markets who's a major owner of Wells Fargo. And so he's got a perspective from the perspective of somebody who is part owner of a bank

Translation:  "Buffett is a turncoat Wall Street fat-cat. You can't trust him; his opinion is worthless."  


When you're in a hole, the first order of business is to stop digging.
Last week I reached out to the president, asking for a federal waiver from restrictions on stimulus money. I got a most unusual response. Before I even received an acknowledgment of the request from the White House, I got word that the Democratic National Committee was launching campaign-style TV attack-ads against me for making it.

Is this the new brand of politics we were promised? Instead of engaging with me and other governors on the merits of our dissent, I am to be attacked in television ads? In the end, I just don't believe a problem created by too much debt will be solved by piling on more debt. This doesn't strike me as an unreasonable or extremist position.

Top 10 gaffes by Barack Obama and Joe Biden
Can you guess which gaffe comes in at number one?

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Humble wife said...

I believe without a doubt that Obama desires not for success for the US but demise. After the Chirac=Sarkozy letter it seems that our President is not trying to maintain "allies" or friends but deliberately stepping on toes(think dvd's ,air force one helicopter toys)

Add that to to treading on the Constitution, the trillions, and closing Gitmo, no more calling it WAR ON TERROR(cause flying a commercial flight into a building filled with civilians is our fault), socialist, terrorist, and anti America friends...

I am not sure what Obama desires, but "the American dream" is not on his short list.

Anonymous said...

Buffet will be in good company,with all of the others Obamabi has thrown under there.

As too Obama,everyday he looks more and more like FDR.

RightKlik said...
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RightKlik said...

HW: I hate to say it, but I agree with you. Some conservatives say they still believe that Obama is a decent guy who just can't get his act together. I don't know whether they really believe that or if they're just trying to be polite, but I just can't see it that way... I really hope we are wrong.

CS: I can't decide if he's more like FDR or Carter. Either way, not good.

Adrienne said...

And so he's got a perspective from the perspective of somebody who-- is part owner of a bank.

He's got the perspective of somebody who can count higher than 10 without taking off his shoes!

Jane said...

Do the wheels on that bus even touch ground anymore? It's pretty freaky crowded. Ah, I hate to correct you on one point, but O-man doesn't know the meaning of the words "dear friend". There are just those you are currently using, and those you have finished using.

Franklin's Locke said...

Obama is as subtle as bull in a china store. At least, Clinton had some political finesse. It was annoying how he got away with it, at least he did not look like an idiot.

Obama is no Clinton; therefore he looks like an idiot. He just threw an political ally under the bus. You don’t do that!

Well…there is a lot of things you just don’t do and Obama is doing them. Why are we even surprised?

RightKlik said...

Adrienne: Absolutely.

Sometimes brilliant scientists, economists and investors think they can venture outside of their realm of expertise and that they will still shine. Obviously Buffet understands investing better than he understands politics.

Then there's Obama. Apparently the only thing he's good at is getting elected.

Jane: Good point! Obama demonstrates all the loyalty you'd expect from a reptile.

FL: If Obama is not reelected in 2012, it will be because he has unnecessarily burned so many bridges. said...

I hate to say this..... but he was right then and his words are right today...... to quote #41 from the 1992 campaign....."It's the economy STUPID".

RightKlik said...

NLTA: You're right, and unfortunately Americans trust Dems (i.e., the socialists) more than Conservatives when the economy is in trouble.