Friday, March 6, 2009

Hillary Clinton Pushes The Wrong Buttons in Russia

The incompetent Obama administration fails again:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov with a red "reset button" to symbolise improved ties, but the gift drew smiles as the word "reset" was mistranslated into the Russian for "overcharge".

Let's not burden Hillary with any important tasks.


Grandma J said...

It was a tacky gift to begin with, and no one double checked the interpretation? They should have run it past Condoleeza Rice...she's fluent in Russian.

What a bunch of embarrassing goofs

Adrienne said...

Grandma J hit that little nail on the head. Tacky, tacky, tacky!

And how about the Obama's giving Brown DVD's for a gift?

If I'm going to get screwed, I like it to be done by someone with a modicum of taste and class - something neither the Clinton's or Obama's have.... said...

The Associated Press would like Americans to believe that our representatives have no clue what they are doing. Judging from comments on the various message forums Americans are gullibly buying the simplistic explanation that our State department supposedly doesn’t know how to translate the word “reset” into Russian. Nonsense! The Russian word peregruzka appears at the top of the button, spelled in latin letters. If this was meant to be a literal translation, why would the letters be in Latin? The english translation for this word is “overload” and anyone that knows how to type a few letters into an online translation website can easily figrue that much out. An english word appears below the button and that word is “reset”. These words do very much make sense together: when something is overloaded (like a circuit), you reset it.

Continued here:

Chicago Ray said...

Great title RK and your right Grandma, what to expect from the deadbeat libs who seam to have a penchant for crappy gifts because it's a new concept for them to think of others, and we can see they suck at it.

I see rebellion left the same comment/post here as he did at my blog, be careful friend, some people call that spam....

RightKlik said...

GJ: Hillary seems more and more like Tracy Flick

Adrienne: I cringed when I first heard this story.

RB: What happened to the promise of repairing our reputation in the world? Is this what they had in mind?

CR: They're deadbeat, selfish and clueless.