Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote With Your Brain

To "Hope and Change" Voters:
This election is NOT about hope.  It's about real decisions, real acions and real consequences.  Vote with your head, not with your heart. This isn't a romantic comedy or fantasy football, and we're not choosing our favorite flavor of ice cream.  

We've heard a lot about change.  Guess what.  No matter what happens, you're going to get "change."  Do you really have any idea what kind of change Obama wants to promote?  Has Obama been clear on what he has planned for the future?  Are his plans for change realistic?  Does he have any idea what the consequences will be?  Do you?  Learn BEFORE you vote.

To Conservatives:
Don't stay at home just because you think it's a lost cause.  Your vote is important whether Obama wins or not.  If too many conservatives sit out the election, Obama could win big.  If Obama wins with a landslide, it will be seen as a bigger mandate.  People have given their lives for the freedom, security and opportunities we enjoy.  Grow a backbone and keep fighting.  Maintaining liberty and freedom was never supposed to be easy.

Important Reading

How Democracies Die. Don't miss this one.

The Ultimatum Game: Insights into Redistribution?

*Study the issues, and share your knowledge with anyone who will listen.

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