Sunday, November 16, 2008

Conservative Chickens

There's been a lot of talk about redefining and updating conservatism.  But conservatives aren't in trouble because of problems with definitions and updates. Conservatives are in trouble because of job performance.  Specifically, conservatives stopped being conservative.  Republicans have been spending recklessly, growing the government, inventing new entitlements, blaming the private sector for problems caused by the government, and TRAMPLING on the First Amendment with McCain-Feingold.  On November 4, the chickens came home to roost.


The road to the land of moderation leads to lost elections.

Wall St. Gets Pie in Face as Circus Comes to Town.

Almost 90 Percent of Muslims Voted for Obama Despite Differences on Abortion, Marriage. 

Quote of the day:
"One of our principles is that power corrupts, and you need to disperse it."
South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint


nacilbupera said...

Amen! And I'm looking forward to a conservative in 2012 like Palin, Jindal, or Rice to run.

Let us not overdo it and go so far to the right wing we alienate our allies as did Goldwater. We need to come together as conservatives not as radicals.

I think we could have won this election if conservatives had united behind Romney instead of splitting their vote between Romney and Huckabee. Romney had the financial savvy that America was thirsting for but because some strong-minded Christians ridiculously denounced Romney's Mormon religion as being "anti-Christian" they threw their votes away and supported McCain.
Imagine what a Romney/Palin ticket would have done!

Conservatives have forgotten or are just unaware of the major effort Romney played while Gov of Mass to defeat the state's Supreme Court ruling allowing gay marriage. We would do well to also remember that Romney's "non-Christian" faith was one of the critical components of the re-affirming traditional marriage in California. God bless those "infidels"!

I am not at all trying to advocate Romney in 2012; I see other exciting leadership in the rising. My point is that we unite. Let us put aside the bigoted decries of miscegenation, the criticisms of Conservatives not of our particular flavor of faith, embrace the black man as a brother of God and our equal, give our Hispanic brothers a hope of freedom in America by providing a way to work for citizenship, and let us have women high in our ranks to lead us, enlighten us, inspire us, and to ensure our moral integrity.

Robert said...

I know you have visited our place, but I am not sure you have returned...

A place for conservatives to rally to define and demand a return ti conservative principles. I have see a couple of your posts on other blogs, and you are sounding th same drum as we....please come back and visit, and bring your readers...I think we can have some productinve discussions here and there!