Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Revolution of Moderates? I Didn't Think So.

Random Thoughts
  • Conservatives never get credit for bipartisanship, so why compromise...ever?  
  • You've heard this before, but it bears repeating: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
  • Just say no to watered-down conservatism.
  • The real glass ceiling in America is the progressive tax scheme.  Work hard, succeed, get penalized.


You should be crucifixed!

Evil on a Minneapolis Campus.  The authors of this story appear to be in denial.

If you have a problem with terrorism or if you're concerned about the upcoming Obama presidency, you are probably just paranoid. Paranoia is on the rise.

Fox News: McCain Meeting Could Be Obama's First Step Toward "Team of Rivals."

Everybody loves a moderate: Northeast lawmakers want Lieberman ousted as chair. (Alternate headline: Crucifixion of a bipartisan politician)

CNN: Ayers says "secret link" with Obama is a "myth."  Who ever suggested that Obama's friendship with (still) unrepentant terrorist, Bill Ayers, is a secret?  Everybody knows, nobody cares...the important thing is that Obama is cool, and he's gonna bring hope & change & stuff.  

ABC: Campaign Boogeyman William Ayers Talks to "GMA." Boogeyman?  So now Ayers apparently isn't a real, unrepentant terrorist...he's just an innocent guy who got demonized by the vast right-wing conspiracy machine.

American Thinker: Why Europe is secretly afraid of a socialist America.
Unfortunately, people who are stupid enough to buy into Obama's socialism aren't going to be smart enough to realize (or care about) what will happen when America becomes more and more socialist. 

Mourning in America:  How many of us are still mourning?

Unquotable Quote:
As the 21st century began, human evolution was at a turning point. Natural selection, the process by which the strongest, the smartest, the fastest, reproduced in greater numbers than the rest, a process which had once favored the noblest traits of man, now began to favor different traits. Most science fiction of the day predicted a future that was more civilized and more intelligent. But as time went on, things seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. A dumbing down. How did this happen? Evolution does not necessarily reward intelligence. With no natural predators to thin the herd, it began to simply reward those who reproduced the most, and left the intelligent to become an endangered species.
Idiocracy (2006)

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