Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama: Ignorance or Something Worse?

During a debate, Obama said he wanted to increase taxes even if it resulted in less revenue for the government. The tax increase would be for "purposes of fairness." Rational people were confused. Many speculated that Obama needed an economics tutorial. I'd like to think that Obama's views are born of economic ignorance, but I'm not so sure. I suspect that unlike Huey Long, Obama knows that his redistributionist policies will be a burden on the economy. Obama and his friends around the world mistakenly see life as a zero-sum game (we win, they lose). So, a less powerful and less wealthy America would please the rest of the world and that, in turn, would please Obama. Don't forget, Obama thinks of himself not so much as an American citizen, but a citizen of the world. In the process of punishing the productive and rewarding the slothful multitude, Obama gains more political power and takes America down a notch. Win, win, win.

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America drank the Kool Aid

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Obama-Supporting Teacher
Where did this come from?


Anonymous said...

Yea Obama is a strange man. Just like that non-voluntary community service of his.

Chuck said...

Thanks for stopping by my site. I think Obama has known all along what his policies will do to the government, I don't think he's stupid. He just doesn't care. The left has been following practices with their attacks on the Iraq war and the war on terror that have been damaging to the country for years. They simply don't care as long as they get what they want.