Monday, November 17, 2008

Cruise Control Conservatism

Conservative values are still very popular in America. But conservatives need to be more involved at the grassroots level in order to translate that popularity into favorable results. And the conservative effort has to be a continuous process, not just something we pick up at election time. Yes, conservatives are busy making a living and turning the wheels of capitalism. But if we don't take a break to get more politically involved, we are going to loose everything for which we are working so hard.

With an energized conservative base, we can prevent disasters like the election of Barack Obama. We can prevent the nomination of lukewarm GOP candidates like John McCain. But we have to be intensely involved at every stage of the game. Cruise control conservatism doesn't work.

Think about this: if conservatives had rallied behind a strong candidate during the primaries, would the Democrats have decided they could afford to nominate Obama, a candidate on the extreme left? Or would they have decided they couldn't take that risk? A weaker GOP leads to a more reckless Democratic party. Then we all suffer.



Anonymous said...

Great post Klik.

Biased Girl said...

Until the UAW gets the boot. This industry is doomed.