Sunday, May 1, 2011

Classless and Clueless: Obama Takes on The Donald at White House Correspondent Dinner

by the Left Coast Rebel

In grade school, what did you do with the persistent bully or annoying kid that didn't like you and was always nipping at your heels? Remember back, I'm sure it sounded something like this:

"Ooh, look at junior's shoes, haha, did your mom dress you?" "You throw like a girl!" "My friends are waaay cooler than yours...."

All of us have been there, albeit a long time ago.

So what did you do with said bully? Take him head-on and fight at every point? Or just ignore him, which eventually made him go away.

Not Obama, no, no, no. The leader of the Free World thinks that a guy with a dead cat on his head is public enemy numero uno.

Here's video of Teh One from last night's White House Correspondents' Dinner Useful Idiot Bobbleheads Mouthpieces for the Leftist Cause Dinner. One only has to go 10 seconds in to get the idea:

The Donald was taken aback (and laughing all the way to the bank) by the fact that the focus of Obama's speech was focused on his truly:
"Well, I really understood what I was getting into — I didn't know that I'd be virtually the sole focus," Trump said. "I guess when you're leading in the polls that sort of thing tends to happen. But I was certainly in a certain way having a good time listening. I don't think the American people are having a good time with $5 gas. ... I was thinking to myself as they were doing this, you know, the American people are really suffering and we're all" having fun at a gala.

And....Obama plays right into Trump's trump-card hand, how genius of him and for the press to go along with it all.

Even George W. Bush -- for all of his faults and failures as President -- would have known better than to have attacked every one of his detractors as Obama has (Fox News, Chamber of Commerce, entrepreneurs, business, bitter-clingerers and The Guy With the Dead Cat on his Head who is most likely part of a giant conspiracy for Teh One's reelection...).

Obama's petulance highlights a man not comfortable in his own skin; someone that has never had to face criticism of any kind; a petulant man that tripped and stumbled into the presidency and has no clue what the hell he is doing.

Seriously, I'm no Trump fan but addressing him directly like this? So weird and Dear Leader-esque.

On a related note, I have been thinking about the entire Trump/birth certificate/presidential run/media attention deal and think that there is a high possibility that something beyond fishy is going on: Trump may be a Democrat plant, inserted by Soros and the ruling class and a Perot-like spoiler that runs on an independent ticket and keeps a genuine conservative from having any chance in the general election.

What do you think?

Added: The Donald shows up last night and is promptly booed by the lapdog Obama press (who are stupid enough -- all of them -- to go along with the whole charade):

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RightKlik said...

This has become a well-established pattern for Obama:

He'll invite his critics, opponents and to one of his speeches where he'll denegrate them publicly like the coward that he is.

For example, the Supreme Court Justices at the SOTU speech, Paul Ryan at Obama's speech on deficit reduction, and Donald Trump at the White House Correspondent Dinner.


I agree with the Blogfather on this one. Obama and Trump seem to be in a truly adversarial relationship: