Friday, July 24, 2009

We Are Winning

Jim DeMint is leading the fight against ObamaCare, and he is doing quite a good job. As he noted on Twitter, "Reid and Pelosi have delayed a vote on a government takeover of health care until September; your voices are being heard." He goes on: "[The] American people are winning the healthcare debate, let's use August to fight for true reform, not a takeover."

On his website, DeMint continues. "Americans can win this debate but they are going to have to continue speaking out. They know the promises the President has made do not match up with the policies he is pushing. Over the August break, [voters] need to connect with their Congressmen and Senators and let know that Washington shouldn’t make their families’ health care decisions."

Along those lines, Alex Castellanos provides some excellent talking points for August:

Us vs. Them
  • They want a Washington-centered plan.
  • We support patient-centered reforms.
  • They want a big Washington Experiment with our health.
  • We want common-sense fixes that will yield real results.
  • They want to start building a closed health care system in which government tells you which doctors you can see and limits the treatments and cures your doctor can order.
  • The patient-centered health care movement supports an open health-care system in which patients and doctors make those decisions.
  • They want a top-down system where distant and uncaring bureaucrats end up deciding who gets what.
  • We want a bottom-up, patient-centered system where control remains with you and your doc.
  • They want politically driven cost control from Washington.
  • We want to get politics out of health care, not to put more politics in. We want common sense fixes, not politically driven experiments.
  • They want to empower a big Washington-run monopoly to control your health care.
  • We say big monopolies are bad no matter who runs them, whether it is big government or big businesses.
What ObamaCare will bring:
  • ObamaCare plan will put government in charge.
  • Obama's plan will cut hundreds of millions of dollars from seniors on Medicare.
  • Obama will further bankrupt the country with trillions more in deficit spending.
  • Obama's plan will raise a lot of taxes on middle class families and businesses. Taxing insurance, taxing sodas, even taxing health care benefits.
  • Obama's plan will tempt your employer to dump you into a cheaper, government-run health care program.
In a nutshell, getting government more involved is not going to reduce costs. It will extend wait times, limit what you can get, cost you coverage; raise your taxes and the deficit.

This risky experiment is not something leaders on either side should rush through Congress in a few days or weeks. Even voters who support a "public plan" think Obama and Congress are moving too fast, with reckless speed, risking a huge part of our economy and our health care, when they don't know what the "reform" would really bring.

Slow Down, Obama, and read the bill!

Real Reform
  • We want to change the law so you can take your health insurance with you if you have to change jobs.
  • We want to cut out the "Washington health care middle-man," reducing expensive bureaucracy to produce big health care savings.
  • Every American should have equal opportunity to get the best value and buy the cheapest insurance no matter where he lives or who he works for. We want to change the law so any American can buy the lowest cost insurance available nationwide, not just in their home states whether from insurance companies, businesses, church groups, college alumni associations, or groups like the AARP, who often provide it less expensively.
  • We believe doctors should be protected from frivolous, expensive lawsuits so they can work together with other doctors and patients in their communities to reduce unnecessary and expensive tests and procedures.
  • We believe in bottom-up health care savings: every American should get a tax deduction for their health insurance premiums.
  • Where possible we should duplicate Safeway's plan, which gives employees a stake in holding down health care costs. Instead of cutting care or shifting costs to employees, Safeway has held health care costs flat, while it's up 40% for the rest of corporate America.
  • Congress should be required to play by the same rules as everyone else, and we should eliminate lifetime health care benefits and insurance for Congressmen who leave their jobs.


Think the GOP is the party of "NO" on healthcare reform? Think again.

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Congratulations to just a conservative girl on the success of her e-mail tsunami as noted by Politico!

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DaBlade said...

We need a champion on this NOW more than ever. Why am I afraid that Jim DeMint will be in the news in the near future for either his wide stance in an Atlanta bathroom stall, or for a long walk on a Venezuela beach?

Opus #6 said...

I like the fine print here. Great talking points. We need to copy this stuff and paste it into our faxes for our reps.

I hope DeMint leads a blameless life. Although I am sure the opposition will be willing to set him up if necessary.

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: I'm sure they probably have a team of investigators on the case right now. But of course they're going to try to find dirt on the Cambridge cop too.

The arrogant snob-in-chief should be careful about making too many enemies. He can't smear everybody who has a problem with him. And if he tries, he won't be able to get anything else done.

Obama thinks he's ruthless. I think he's just a classless wimp.

O6: There were many other great talking points, I just included my favorites.

If DeMint has left any skeletons behind, we will soon know. As bold as he has been lately, I have to think he has a clean record.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff here. I always enjoy coming here to read your blog... Keep em comming.

Euripides said...

I'd add that we need a complete reform of Medicaid and Medicare. If Congress were to do it right, they'd refashion those two dead weight systems to be phased out and incorporated into the real reform bill.

RightKlik said...

Bob: Thanks for visiting. You can find me on twitter too.

Euripides: I agree. Medicare & Medicaid have caused most of the problems they are trying to "fix."

robert verdi said...

I said it before and I will say it again, good work all around.

cube said...

We need to help Jim DeMint by voicing our disapproval for Obamacare. The more we protest this boondoggle, the better. Call your Representatives. Call your Senators.

RightKlik said...

RV: I think we deserve to pat ourselves on the back for this success... Now we redouble our efforts!

Cube: DeMint's leadership is priceless. He needs all the help he can get.

Z said...

that is SO cool for Conservative!

As for DeMint, I just wish he hadn't made the comments about WATERLOO and BREAKING gave the leftwingers SUCH fodder.
I'm a BIG DeMint fan but he wasn't considering the ramifications when he said that..he riled up the people who agree with him ANYWAY and made centrists think "what a Republican bum, all they care about is defeating Obama, not the health care bill"

I hope I'm wrong.

RightKlik said...

Z: I'm not sure what the Waterloo comment will do for us. When I first heard it, I thought it might backfire. But later I found out DeMint has a background in market research. Before he went to Congress, he owned a market research company. So maybe the comments were very calculated. They have certainly gotten him a lot of attention. And in all the subsequent interviews, he's done a very good job of redirecting attention to the horrors of ObamaCare.

For many conservatives "Waterloo" has become the rallying cry. For Blue Dogs in districts where Obama is VERY unpopular, I have to wonder if the comments were a big boost.

Jason said...

DeMint, has been single handedly taking it to Obama and the Dems. He was doing it before it was considered cool. That's how movements are born and leaders are made.

The GOP and conservatives clearly have the momentum in this argument. It isn't about health care. It is about control and government intrusion. And I'm glad a few are saying it.

See the wonders a principled stand can make?

Good post, Jason

RightKlik said...

Jason: Thanks. I've been very impressed with DeMint. I think he puts his conservatism before his politics.

Amusing Bunni said...

Another great post RK that lays all the awfulness out there. This "HealthCare" bill is SO wrong on SO many levels it boggles the mind if it COULD get passed, but given the bribery these days, who knows.

Jim DeMint is a true Brave Patriotic Champion for what is right. I love his twitter stream too. I like even more to learn he was in Market Research....I think he knows what he's doing, and unless they plant some dirt on him, we don't have to worry about a scandel.

RightKlik said...

AB: Thanks. It's really amazing how quickly things turned around. Now is the time to intensify our efforts.