Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Code Blue

After another exhausting day of blogging, tweeting and sifting through the headlines, I am nearly speechless. Conservatives are melting their keyboards in their effort to kill Obmacare before it kills us. The best writers are producing their best stuff. It looks like the hard work is paying off.

In retrospect, will conservatives come to see the Stimulus Bill as a blessing in disguise, shielding us from the rest of Obama's radical agenda after soaking up his political capital? O's credibility is spent, his popularity is sagging, and the goodwill has evaporated. Trillion dollar health care reform are you kidding? Cap and Trade? Forget about it!

Obama told us the stimulus bill was urgently necessary. It would save us from rising unemployment. Help would go out the door immediately. America handed Obama the credit card. But unemployment continues to rise and only a small fraction of the stimulus is yet out the door.

So they "misread" the severity of our economic malaise. Okay...understandable. But now we can only wonder how badly they've misdiagnosed the health care crisis and how poorly the health care system will respond to Dr. Obama's orders.

As he did with the economy, Obama is responding to our health care challenges by calling a code blue. This time Americans are wondering if the Doctor has any idea what he's doing.


Whoa! If we keep this kind of pressure on the politicians, Obamacare will be DOA. Watch this & this.

Interested in effective messaging on the health care debate? Here are some EXCELLENT talking points.

Our federal government is currently just flinging stuff against the wall, in trillion-dollar chunks, to see what sticks.

Obama Admits He’s “Not Familiar” With House Bill. Read it, man!

Interesting choice of words. BO (Mr. Rockstar Popularity Messiah) distances himself from health care reform. "This isn’t about me."

Obama screaming at the referee? BHO's highly unusual, inappropriate meeting.

I like this corny video. What can restaurants teach us about health care?

Brilliant analysis of the impending Obama implosion.

Obama's First Six Months — video from Hannity. Dems, be honest, is this what you voted for?

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Amusing Bunni said...

Morning Right Klik:
YOU have been burning up the keyboards! Excellent summation of all the BEST buzz from the net.

You should be an editor for Drudge or something.

And, I am honoured and humbled with your very kind comment that you learned everything you need to know about Twitter from me & my secret work Identity! Likewise, my friend! Keep up the great fight. Today should be an interesting one...Tonight, I might have to have my eye/brain bleach ready, after O's takeover of the airwaves.

robert verdi said...

to be frank I am impressed how well we have all done. With limited support the right wing blogosphere, talk radio and a handful of other groups managed to derail the president. And this is without the support of industry who have often been at the table trying cut deals.

dmarks said...

Conservatives can't do much about the Obama health care scandal at this point: no power in Congress.

But it is interesting to see the "blue dog Democrats" taking their oaths of office seriously and causing major problems with the Obama health care scandal as they remember their duty to serve the public interest, instead of serve the interest of government.

RightKlik said...

AB: Thanks for all the support on Twitter. I WISH I had the talent to get paid for this.

RV: There really has be a big groundswell of opposition against ObamaCare. Almost like it spontaneously erupted.

dmarks: The blue dogs know they are committing political suicide if they become o-bots.

Right Side Review said...

The Blue Dogs and Republicans are doing a great job of fighting against Obamacare. It won't happen if they keep it up!

RightKlik said...

RSR: Waterloo!

Anonymous said...

I keep telling people at work,most of who are Kool aid drinking Obama-bots. To take it from me,a vet,that socialized health care isn't great,but deadly.

Sadly there are a lot of Obama bots around who are buying into this crap.

RightKlik said...

CS: Vets should share their horror stories about gov't run health care at the VA. GOP should be seeking their feedback during this debate.

Dr. Dave said...

He's a fried egg. Turn him over. He's friggin' DONE!

RightKlik said...

Dr. D: I sure hope you're right. It's starting to look that way.