Friday, July 17, 2009

Is Obama losing his cool?

He throws like a girl, wears mom jeans and stutters. He's a nerdy, preachy wonk whose friends call him the "national mother-in-law."

It’s been a tough week for Obama’s cool factor.

Not only is he weathering criticism of his policies, but the Cool One has also taken a few dings to his immaculate image in recent days.

It started on Monday. Speaking at the White House, Obama was just getting into a sharp defense of his economic agenda when one of the teleprompter screens holding his speech crashed to the floor and shattered into pieces.

“Oh, goodness,” said a surprised Obama. “Sorry about that, guys.”

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Confirmed: Obama’s “mom jeans” now officially a national news story

Who knew we were electing a national mother-in-law?

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The Gray Headed Brother said...

Losing his Cool?

I don't think so!!!
President Obama at the NAACP last night was wonderful.
Such a proud time in America's history! First Hispanic woman to the United States Supreme Court AND our first Black President. A proud time in America!
Have a good time with that!!

DaBlade said...

Losing his Cool? He never had any to lose. Like everything about him, it was all smoke and mirrors. He makes Urkel look like Bruce Wayne.

Bungalow Bill said...

I am surprised the blacks still accept him, especially considering the types they cling to. He is a stumbling, bumbling idiot that is a puppet. He hasn't done one thing to help the black cause in America, and in fact, I would argue he is setting it backwards.

Blacks need to wake up to how the Democratic party uses blacks in this country to acquire power. If they need proof, listen to Mam Barbara Boxer talk down to the head of the Black Chamber of Commerce because he doesn't go along with the black status quo which is guided by white democrats looking for votes.

Bungalow Bill said...

I wonder if the Gray Headed Brother will have a good time being a Chinese Sweat Shop employee when it comes time to pay off all the massive debt Obama is creating.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Bill.

RightKlik said...

DaBlade: Yeah, I never really appreciated Obama's coolness. So what if he wears sunglasses and uses an iPOD? By that definition my 3 year-old niece is cool.

BB: Some people are mentally handicapped by their obsession with race. Those people have no idea how boring they are.

For those who missed the heated exchange between Barbara Boxer and Harry Alford, here it is:

Just a conservative girl said...

Well, we are going to see how he behaves when he doesn't get what he wants. Health-care is not going to pass. The bluedogs know how stupid the bill is. The rich cannot pay for healthcare for all. I just don't get why they don't do this in steps. Fix Medicare first. Then, we can move onto getting insurance for the people who are stuck in too rich for medicare and too poor to afford it on thier own. If they get rid of the waste and fraud in medicare costs will go down for all.

Opus #6 said...

JACG, somebody who cared about the economic health of the country would take all of this a bit slower. But it is not about that for the statists.

I love the mom jeans stuff. Super funny. And a perfectly Alinsky-like parody. Surely Palin would be subjected to this ridicule if she had worn them.

robert verdi said...

I would say the CBO blasting him out of the water made him lose his cool.

RightKlik said...

JCG: Americans gave Obama the benefit of the doubt on the "stimulus" bill. They're not ready to be duped again. I agree, there's hope for defeat of Obamacare.

O6: It's nice to finally be at the point where the MSM is occasionally treating Obama like the mortal human being that he is.

RV: The CBO has been the Dems' worst enemy. How long before ACORN/COI pays Douglas Elmendorf a special visit?

Amusing Bunni said...

Hi Right Klik:
Obummer is about as cool as a hot day in HELL! He is such a nerdy, condescending JERK.

Did you see the Conan Video he did Wed. Night? I have it on my blog. Even the late night guys are beginning to realize this bum is a bumbling idiot.

Great comments "Makes Urkel look like Bruce Wayne"....hee hee.
At least Urkel was LIKEABLE, this jerk is also annoying....I just want to punch him in the face and wipe off that sh*t eating, self satisifed grin. (Figuratively speaking, of course).

RightKlik said...

AB: Worst. President. Ever.

Anonymous said...

He dances 'for real' like a black guy making fun of a whitey. He tries to do a cool little 'fist pound' with his wife, but they screw it up more often then not. He's a nerd, but without the smarts...

RightKlik said...

RFYA: ...and they keep making fun of his jeans, but give him a break... He can't go to his wife for good fashion advice!

Z said...

The guy's over his head; he's not experienced enough and he doesn't understand America. Case closed.

But, those 3 producers he brought in from CNN and CBS, sure do know how to pull it off. They're so carefully and cunningly portraying everything, and it's ALL about PR. How can it be less when you've got people voting who haven't been given time to READ the bills? YOu can see the 'memo'...suddenly all the leftwingers are using terms like "Urgent" "if we don't do it NOW"
People hear that and actually believe it.
The Stimulus was SO urgent they haven't spent 10% of it yet.

Call and write your senators, folks, national health goes into effect, and America's a WHOLE different country. And, please, guard your elderly relatives; they'll be having counselors come tell them about euthenasia every 5 years.
This guy makes Dr Krikorian sound happy.

RightKlik said...

"...he doesn't understand America. Case closed."

Great point. That may well prove to be his Achilles heel.