Saturday, February 14, 2009

You've been trumped!

With help from a grand total of three Republicans, Congress has passed Obama's unpopular "economic recovery" plan. No one read the 1,100 page behemoth, and the 48-hour public posting promise was broken. (When Obama says he will trump you, he really means it.)

The spending bill isn't a new New Deal, it's the old New Deal on steroids, and it will be just as worthless as the original. A mere 12% of the stimulus package is stimulative. The rest is expensive partisan pork and political back scratching. But the wasteful spending and the political payoffs aren't the only things about this bill that are worrisome.

The "stimulus package" could just as accurately be described as a social engineering package. Obama's bill has stealth provisions that are designed to undercut parental authority, roll back Clinton's successful welfare reform, and set up a federal infrastructure that could be used as a tool for government rationing of health care.

This thing is ugly.

So it's no surprise that Obama's puppets in congress worked "in the dead of night and behind closed doors." to pass this bill. Of course they had to ram it through. You can't let a crisis go to waste, and this crisis could let up any time now, with or without stimulus. Plus, if they had allowed the public to review the bill for another 48 hours, it might have been just enough time for public support to completely collapse.

This isn't how our democratic republic is supposed to work.


Can Israel make it alone?
If the Obama administration walks away from democratic allies, we will see the fastest reshuffling of the alliances we've seen since World War I.

Voting on a Stimulus They Haven't Read

Obama's Approach to Missile Defense Stirs Questions

Homeschooling: America's Hidden Breeding Ground for Conservative Ideology, h/t pen of jen

Stimulus Plan Tightens Reins on Wall St. Pay
A provision buried deep inside the $787 billion economic stimulus bill would impose restrictions on executive bonuses at financial institutions that are much tougher than those proposed 10 days ago by the Treasury Department.

Missing from Congress' stimulus negotiations: transparency
Could Congress have demanded that all negotiations play out in public? Waxman said that would have been impractical. "There are too many moving parts in this bill," Waxman said. "We would be sitting in an open conference committee meeting for weeks, if not a whole month, to process all the amendments that would have been offered."

A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.


Anonymous said...

Look how happy those perfidious baby-kissers are. If you look real close you can see $ in both eye. You won't see those $ in the tax payers eyes.

robert verdi said...

bad day

Franklin's Locke said...

They have just passed a bill that creates over $10 TRILLION in debt. At this rate, there won't be an economy left. There is no way to pay for and they don't even realize it.

Adrienne said...

Great post and love the picture. Linked to it...

DaBlade said...

Somewhere I can almost hear Ron Silver say again, "Those are our planes now." Have you noticed how planes have been falling from the sky lately?

RightKlik said...

M: They're thieves

RV: First step in the Obama revolution.

FL: If we keep it up, we'll be like Cuba before we know it.

Adrienne: thanks.

DaBlade: planes falling from the sky...makes me think of Idocracy.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what happend to you post on my blog. Never showed. I must of his wrong button. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

I don,t speech so good when I write fast>
Not sure what happend to your post on my blog. Never showed. I must of hit wrong button. Sorry.

RightKlik said...

M: looks like it's up and working fine now. Thanks for sharing the post.

Anonymous said...

I just read your great comment on the Our World As We See It blog and I had to come over and say BRAVO to you.

Humble wife said...

If I was a paranoid conspiracy style person I would suggest that our government is trying to bankrupt us to achieve their goals. But come on that isn't possible.

I mean Obama has been upfront with everyone in his circles- and they're all good honest hardworking folk

and he has placed people filled with integrity and impeccable standards to cabinet positions-and they have no problem paying their fair share in taxes

he and his wife have ALWAYS loved this land and have been proponents of groups working to maintain our nations ideals-groups such as Acorn

He never wanted to be known a name that conjures 9-11 fear. It was a moniker his parents saddled on him...he has always been Barry. Apologies had to be made anytime one brought up Hussein...because Obama is a Christian and an American...until he was sworn in, and then when he did his first interview...with the al- tv network

My if I thought long and hard about this situation, I would be frightened for not only my children but my grandchildren for our nation is eroding so quickly before our eyes.

I am sure I am being sarcastic because Obama is the man of hope and change, yet his VP has been in DC longer than McCain.

Hope and Change- Obama had almost no experience brought to the table...but a governor dealing with two countries bordering her borders has no experience...

Oh I am one that is over the top in drama aren't I???

Time to prepare is almost to late...I say stock up like crazy...

Just my simple thoughts.

Humble wife said...

Oh thanks for the h/t...more importantly that you allowed more to read the article.

RightKlik said...

ICAA: Thanks for visiting

HW: It's becoming much more difficult to believe that Obama has the interests of this country at heart. As far as I'm concerned, his actions speak louder than his words. No more benefit of the doubt from me.

Z said...

BIG SMILES...that's all we see on those faces lately. BIG SMILES that they pulled the wool over..

HW...and I thought I was going kookoo starting to thing there's a conspiracy in how the economy fell; stock brokers I know say there was action going on they'd never seen and couldn't figure out....but our media's silent.

Until we fix the media, we'll get nowhere. Seriously, people...people who don't read the blogs don't know obama's plan's been scorned and scoffed all over Europe, or that STD money isn't stimulus (WHAT are these people thinking?), that obama saying he's sorry for a bad decision some day might be insufficient to put our country back together again.