Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama: More Popular Than God

Obama is more popular than anyone in the known universe, including God.  Actually Obama is much more popular than God.  Here are America's greatest heroes, in order of popularity:

 1.  Barack Obama
 2.  Jesus Christ
 3.  Martin Luther King, Jr.
 4.  Ronald Reagan
 5.  George W. Bush
 6.  Abraham Lincoln
 7.  John McCain
 8.  John F. Kennedy
 9.  Chesley Sullenberger
10.  Mother Teresa

God did not make it into the top ten.

The list was based on the results of a new Harris interactive poll in which 2,634 Americans were asked to say whom they admire enough to call their heroes. What Makes a Hero?  The public gives multiple reasons to explain their choice of heroes. Those mentioned most often included:
  • “Doing what’s right regardless of personal consequences” (89%)
  • “Not giving up until the goal is accomplished” (83%)
  • “Doing more than what other people expect of them” (82%)
  • “Overcoming adversity” (81%)
  • “Staying level-headed in a crisis” (81%)
God shouldn't feel too bad about not making it into the top tenat least he's more popular than Hillary Clinton. Here are America's "second-tier" heroes:

11.  God  
12.  Hillary Clinton  
13.  Billy Graham  (tie)
13.  Franklin Delano Roosevelt (tie)  
15.  Mahatma Gandhi 
16.  Colin Powell (tie)
16.  George Washington (tie)  
16.  Bill Clinton (tie)
19.  Condoleeza Rice 
20.  Oprah Winfrey  
21.  Sarah Palin 
22.  General George S. Patton (tie)  
22.  Bill Gates (tie)

Some interesting trends should be noted when comparing the latest poll results with those from July 2001:  
  • Jesus was #1 in 2001.  
  • God has risen to number 11 in 2009, from relative obscurity (with less than 1% of the vote) in 2001.
  • George Bush was number 19 in 2001 and now ranks 5th.
  • Michael Jordan was number 9 and is no longer in the top 20.
Some conservatives may be disheartened by the fact that the Obamessiah is the most popular person in the universe.  But there are several reasons to be encouraged.  For example, despite the fact that he is dead, and his presidency ended 20 years ago, Ronald Reagan is still extremely popular.  Other encouraging observations:
  • There are five Republicans in the top ten, but only two Democrats (yes, MLK was a Republican).
  • George Bush is more popular than either of the Clintons.
  • Condoleeza Rice is the most popular black woman in the universe, even more popular than Oprah.
  • JFK dropped from number 4 to number 8, making way for Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Abraham Lincoln and John McCain, who all ranked lower than JFK in 2001.
  • Since endorsing Obama, Colin Powell has dropped from number 3 in 2001 to number 16 in 2008. Correspondingly, Powell is #1 on the list of fallen heroes (see below). 

We thought you were a hero, but now we know you better.  You're not a leader, you're too concerned about personal recognition, you're not interested in helping others, and you're immoral.  Bottom line: we don't like you anymore. 

When asked to name people who used to be their heroes but who they no longer consider as heroes, the people mentioned most often are Colin Powell, George W. Bush, John McCain, Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy.

Colin Powell  
George W. Bush  
John McCain 
Bill Clinton 
John F. Kennedy  
Jimmy Carter  
Hillary Clinton  
O.J. Simpson  
Barack Obama  
Ronald Reagan  
Martin Luther King  
Jesse Jackson  
Oprah Winfrey

How did they go from hero to zero?  Major reasons for thinking former heroes are no longer heroes:
  • Do not demonstrate leadership
  • Became too concerned about getting personal recognition
  • Conduct themselves in an immoral or unethical way
  • Are no longer interested in helping others
  • Are no longer setting goals for themselves
  • Were replaced by someone else you now consider your hero


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Clay Bowler said...

If Booker T. Washington had made that list, America would have been a much better place. Unfortunately, his ideas were attacked by the more radical agenda of the blacks on the left. Getting back to your blog though, it's sad that a man who has done very little, which shows, ranks so high. It's the veil.

Adrienne said...

The sight of him holding that beautiful little dog makes my skin crawl (poor little dog)

Actually - Jesus is God (Trinity) so I guess we can say God made the top ten.

I didn't see your name, or for that matter mine either. Means the whole thing was rigged, doncha know!

Anonymous said...

Ah,the masonic loving left,what a bunch of useless sheep.

It is going to sad when they find out he isn't god-like,for they are going to crash like a heroin addict at rehab.

Humble wife said...

I wrote about the Obama hero nonsense.
I am unable to put to words how sick this makes me.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hello my friend..and the beat goes on eh!...:) what will the future bring?:)

robert verdi said...

lots of silly people in this country

Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought for sure that unicorn he rides around on would make the top ten list I'm pretty pleased right now!

~T the D

a red voice said...

My husband was telling me about this poll last night. Really sad indeed that more people consider Obama a hero than Christ. I am surprised he hasn't started his own religion. Or maybe he has - it is called the liberal democratic party.

The whole thing makes me sick... but then doesn't the book Revelations warn us about things like this happening? (I'm not saying Obama is the Anti-Christ, but we are warned many people will come along in the spirit of an Antichrist)

DaBlade said...

Henrietta and Julio strike again. His popularity will plummet faster than the stock market when the new kitchens and new McDonald's benefits never roll in.

Heli gunner Tom said...

I enjoyed reading your post.
I write a Christian based Journal that also deals with helping other disabled combat Veterans navigate the corrupt VA system, etc. I did 2 tours in Vietnam: 68-70, helicopter doorgunner and retired from Chrysler after 30.5 years.

Tom S

Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

Thank God that he sent his Son and named his Barack.

RightKlik said...

CB: It amounts to nothing more than celebrity worship.

Adrienne: It's amazing that these results were based on unprompted responses.

CS: I don't know if they will every see the truth.

HW: It all seems surreal at this point.

WHT: The future...very scary to think about.

RV: ...and they are allowed to vote.

T the D: The unicorn, Michelle, Sasha and did they not make the list?

Red: He's like Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez.

DaBlade: Hope you're right. But how long can he get away with the "blame Bush" routine? I suspect four years at least.

HGT: Thanks for visiting.

PCC: That's probably how Obama sees it.

Franklin's Locke said...

God made the list twice--Jesus and God. Try to do that Obama.

Second, Obama is a narcissist. He is riding high now, but narcissists always fall and they fall hard. Look at Clinton or Nixon.

Hopefully, he doesn't take the country with him when he does.

Anonymous said...

I would like to leave a more eloquent response to this post. However after reading Obamas ranking by this nation of too many O-Bots I feel the need to vomit (projectile vomit actually).

RightKlik said...

anon: you're not alone.