Saturday, February 28, 2009

RightKlik Rewind: Marxism

Solve this problem:

Democratic President + Democratic Senate + Democratic House of Representatives + Democratic Media =  ?



A President Who Won't Uphold the Constitution?

Taxing the achievers
There are people who actually believe that Obama is going to succeed in his quest to return economic prosperity to our country through taxation. There are also people who believe that wet streets cause rain. These people are commonly called "idiots."

*This classic weblog post was originally broadcast on October 29, 2008, but if you didn't read it, it's new to you!


Adrienne said...

Arrrrrgh! The link, the link (I think you typed hhttp by accident.)

I need to follow the link. My life will be a living hell until I can follow that link (There are people)

Be still my beating heart....

RightKlik said...

Adrienne: sorry for the broken link. Fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Humble wife said...

Rightklik- what will be the solution? Never before have we done so much damage in such a short period of time. In fact no one in the world has spent as much as this leader.

For me and mine, we are praying for the best and preparing for the worst.

We are strong believers in our Constitution...we also are pretty self reliant, yet who would have guessed that Obama's goal is apparently the complete and total destruction of the country.

RightKlik said...

HW: There are a lot of angry conservatives. We need to demonstrate our anger conspicuously. We're going to have to start marching in the streets and holding loud and angry demonstrations in Washington.

I don't think this comes naturally for most conservatives, but we don't have a choice. Our nation is being destroyed. It's rotting from the inside.

I think Jim DeMint is one of the best conservative leaders we have right now. Here are his thoughts on the subject:

DaBlade said...

It's Santa!

robert verdi said...
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robert verdi said...

There are jokes going around that Obama's economic policy should be called the "Americans with no Abilities Act"

Z said...

But, RightKlik, the Left set the groundwork for ANY revolt on our parts a long time our schools, and labeling conservative media venues as "too RIGHT WING and FASCIST and AGAINST THE PEOPLE" for far too long.

You know the new equation is:

Democrats : GOOD
Republicans : EVIL (not bad, EVIL)

You've seen how Rahm Emanuel SLAMMED Rush's excellent speech at CPAC (I just watched it for the first time and it was magnificent).... the Lefties go on defense SO well, so quickly and SO brutally and most Americans believe this stuff!They've been TRAINED to in school.

I don't see us pulling out of this...and I'm an OPTIMIST at heart!!

I'm with Humble Wife...what IS the solution? A realistic solution?

Even that TEA PARTY idea could backfire because I saw an email invite to Republican women in LA (all 15 of us!) and it said "Wear red/white/blue clothing and carry flags" Do you KNOW how that looks to the media? I could just imagine a bunch of blue-haired little old ladies in dumb clothes and carrying little flags? I hate to be unkind, but the media LOVES this, it's playing RIGHT into their hands!! HELP!!!

Jessica said...

Z: I didn't expect much to come out of the tea parties because they weren't planned well. Conservatives have lives and can't be expected to show up for things like this with a couple days' notice.

We have to start somewhere. So what if the beginnings are humble? Look how pathetic the left looked 5 years ago. But they were impatient and persistent. That's how we need to be.

Z said...

Jessica, good point (and thanks for coming by geeeZ!)....we DO have to start somewhere.
I just hope we start soon, STRONG, and with a vengeance!!!

suek said...

Wait till he starts on the guess is that that will be on the agenda soon. The number of Supreme Court Justices is determined by Congress (I'm not sure of the details). FDR tried to pack the court by getting congress to approve an additional 5 justices, which of course, would be appointed by him and would be selected with an eye to favoring FDR's legislation. Congress at that time wouldn't approve. I'd be willing to bet that _this_ congress would. He'd only need two additional liberal activist judges and his unconstitutional laws/bills/actions would get a pass...

RightKlik said...

Z: I'm actually optimistic about the leadership potential in the GOP. There are some great conservatives out there. They can get us back on track if we can get our act together on the grassroots level.

RV: They should call it "The Helping Americans Who Could Be Helping Themselves Act." Is that too long?

DaBlade: The Santa I know is opposed to tax increases.

Suek: Long live the current Supreme Court Justices.

suek said...

Doesn't matter how long they live, if he can appoint just two more justices he'd tilt the balance far to the left. It'll happen, I'm certain.

I don't mind being wrong here...

RightKlik said...

Suek: FDR tried to pack the court so I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to see Obama try.