Sunday, January 25, 2009

Obama Is King Now, Resistance Is Futile

In B.O.'s  first week, what did he accomplish?  Let's review:
  • He picked a fight with Rush Limbaugh as bipartisan spirit crumbled.  (Do democrat politicians think it makes them look tough when they attack talk show hosts?  Hey Barack...why don't you pick on someone your own sizehow about Hugo Chavez?)  Obama warned Republicans that if they continue to listen to Limbaugh, they'll never accomplish anything.  (So let's get this straight.  Obama wants to sit down and listen to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and we're supposed to be okay with that, but he's got a problem with Republicans who sit down and listen to Rush Limbaugh?)   
  • He gave the order to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center within one year, with no plan for the detainees still incarcerated there. (Excellent move, B.O.  You've enhanced civil liberties and made our country safer with one mighty stroke of the pen.)
  • He quietly signed an executive order ending the ban on federal funds for international groups that promote or perform abortions.  (Why?  Because international women can't take it upon themselves to utilize more affordable family planning methods?  In the midst of our financial crisis we Americans are being compelled to pay for abortions all over the world?  We need a timetable for withdrawal from Obama's international war against fetuses! Bring our tax dollars back home!)
  • Having announced new ethics rules banning lobbyists serving in his administration, the president was immediately forced to make an exception for his deputy defence secretary William Lynn, who has lobbied for the defence industry giant Raytheon. He got off to a very awkward start with the White House Press Corps, when one of the reporters had the audacity to bring this issue up.  B.O. was visibly peeved.  "I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can't end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I'm going to get grilled every time I come down here."
  • Obama instituted a pay freeze holding salaries at their current levels for the roughly 100 White House employees who make over $100,000 a year.  Over the next four years, the pay freeze will save enough money to offset the cost of the first 38 seconds of his inaugural party. 

In his pièce de résistance for the week, Obama showed us that he really is a petulant snob.  Obama listened to Republican concerns about his stimulus package during a meeting with congressional leaders on Friday morning, but when His Royal Highness grew weary of questions about the absurdity of "tax rebates" for people who don't pay taxes, it got ugly.  "I won," he said, "I will trump you on that."

...Cough, cough, TYRANT, ahem.  Excuse me...

One White House official confirmed the comment, but said B.O. was simply trying to make a larger point about bipartisan efforts.  "There are big things that unify Republicans and Democrats," the official said. "We shouldn't let partisan politics derail what are very important things that need to get done."  

Say what?

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs "disagreed with those who called the meeting window dressing.  “The president is certainly going to listen to any ideas,” he said.  "He will also go to Capitol Hill the beginning of next week to talk to Republican caucuses and solicit their input and their ideas."

If Obama keeps pistol whipping the opposition like this, his approval ratings are going to plummet. This is not the "change" that will appeal to most Americans. Obama should apologize.


Must read: Barack Obama is on a collision course with his critics.

Obama gets his opening grade: 68%.  Wake up America!

Obama dodges important question

Barack, You can't just listen to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and get things done.

Jonah Goldberg, spot on:

So, who cares if [Geithner] breaks and bends the rules? Who cares that he took a child-care tax credit to send his kids to summer camp? He's the right man for the job, no one else can do it, he's the financial industry's man of the moment.

This strikes me as both offensively hypocritical and absurd. Obama has made much of Wall Street greed. He and his vice president talk about paying taxes like it is a holy sacrament. They both belittled Wurzelbacher for daring to suggest that the Democratic Party isn't much concerned with how the little guy can get ahead.

Heck, Obama and pretty much the entire Democratic party insist that they speak for the little guy. But it appears they fight for the big guys.

You would think this is a perfect moment for Republicans to stand on principle, particularly since their votes aren't needed to confirm Geithner. What they will tell you is that Geithner is the indispensable man and, in the words of South Carolina Rep. Lindsey Graham, "These are not the times to think in small political terms."


Ted said...

WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

robert verdi said...

I believe the President has a touch of hubris.

RightKlik said...

Ted: good point.

RV: Obama's hubris has hubris.

Ted said...

Rush Limbaugh was born in 1951 to an American mom “Millie” and an American dad lawyer & WWII Fighter Pilot in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Since ‘President’ Obama now wants to silence El Rushbo even before BHO has a chance to try to re-establish the “fairness doctrine” to silence all conservative talk radio, I’ve got three questions (but answers to only two of them):

FIRST QUESTION: Who IS the actual and lawful 44th President of the USA?

ANSWER: Joe Biden

Biden was initially the Acting President for at least 5 minutes under either the Constitution’s Article 2 or the Constitution’s 20th Amendment, from 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, having already taken his Oath of Office and before Obama completed his ‘oath’ at approximately 12:05 PM, 1/20/09. Under the 20th Amendment if the President-elect shall have failed to qualify, or alternatively under Article 2 if the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term, being 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, which ability and/or qualification includes that he take the Article 2 oath “before he enter on the execution of his office,” then either the Presidency shall devolve on the Vice President under Article 2 or the Vice President shall act as President under the 20th Amendment. (The importance of the oath in ‘commencing’ an ‘Obama Presidency’ — rather than merely the 1/20/09 Noon time — is confirmed by the re-take of the ‘oath’ by Obama at the White House on 1/21/09 after the first ‘oath’ was NOT administered by Justice Roberts NOR recited by Obama in the words as required under Article 2.)

This is significant because at such time that the Supreme Court finally rules on the merits on Obama’s disqualification as not being an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (clearly he is NOT under either and/or both of two theories — (1) BHO refuses to show Birth Certificate to deny Kenyan birth/res ipsa loquitur “action speaks for itself” or (2) BHO admits dad was Kenyan/British, not American, citizen at Jr’s birth), Biden’s automatic status (without needing to take a separate Presidential Oath) of being President would be predicated upon four different bases: First, having been Vice President under Article 2; second, having been Vice President-elect under the 20th Amendment; third, having been actual President in the hiatus before Obama took the ‘oath(s)’; and fourth, retroactively deemed President during the full period of the Obama usurpation so that the acts of the Federal Government under the usurpation can be deemed authorized and/or ratified by Biden’s legitimacy.

SECOND QUESTION: Who will be the 45th President?

ANSWER: Hillary Clinton

One must assume that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been aware of all of the above. Biden’s wife recently “let the cat out of the bag” on the Oprah Show that both Biden and Hillary had considered alternatively Veep or Secretary of State, in either case, setting up Hillary to be President on a vote of the Democratic Congress if need be.

THIRD QUESTION: Is Obama an unwitting victim of this troika or a knowing participant?

ANSWER: Yet undetermined.

Anonymous said...

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